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How To Make A Small Home Feel More Spacious

30th June 2022

Summer is here and that means the children are off school and everyone is hosting parties. With the questionable British weather, there is no guarantee gatherings will be able to spill into the garden. Space is often hard to come by in today’s housing market, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least try to...

How To Modernise The Entrance At Your House

26th May 2022

When you viewed your home for the first time, the entrance to it probably played a factor in you buying the property. It’s such a big focal point and often what determines the first impression of a house. Over the years, your entrance may not look quite how it did and have aged slightly. If...

Invest In Energy Efficient Windows & Doors To Try Protect Yourself From Rising Costs

14th April 2022

With the rising cost of living and the skyrocketing cost of energy, there’s little comfort in being a homeowner right now. On the 1st of April, the energy price cap rose to £1971, which is the most an energy supplier can charge you for the amount of gas and electricity your household uses. Prior to...

3 Steps To Take To Entice More Natural Light Indoors

18th March 2022

It’s almost the moment we’ve been waiting for all winter – spring is about to begin! You can sense that already by the marginally better weather and lighter nights.  The extra bit of sunlight is very much welcomed after several months of the nights drawing in fast, and you want to try and drive as...

How To Inject Some Colour Into Your Living Space

14th February 2022

The days aren’t as long now as we inch nearer to the spring season, but our homes aren’t being afforded with lots of natural light quite yet.  That’s OK though as you can always compensate for that by adding some colour to your house, inside and outside, to give it a warm and welcoming feel. ...

A Trio Of 2022’s Hottest Home Trends

18th January 2022

Can you remember the last time that you updated your home decor? If we’re talking a good few years, then it’s well overdue a bit of a makeover.  The New Year is often when people will begin a home improvement project, as they seek to give their property a fresh, new look.  If you’re now...

How To Bring Festive Charm To Your Windows And Doors

15th December 2021

If you are struggling to get into the festive spirit, there’s still time! Not only have the majority of people decorated earlier for Christmas this year, but many households are taking their decorations to the next level.  It’s no longer enough to just put up your Christmas tree and be done with decorating your house. ...

How To Give Your Property The Look And Feel Of A Cottage

10th November 2021

Winter is fast approaching and you can tell by the weather and the dark gloomy nights. Where better to hide away from that than inside your cosy home, or at least it should be cosy.  Cottages are widely perceived as being cosy spaces, and you can quite easily channel that cottage-like feel into your home...

How To Get Your Windows And Doors Looking Boo-tiful For Halloween

18th October 2021

The colder weather and darker nights can sometimes get you down a bit, but we tell you what will really lift your spirits – decorating your home for Halloween.  There are all sorts of spook-tacular things you can do, such as having giant inflatable spiders in your garden or smearing your windows and doors in...

3 Ways You Can Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

14th September 2021

Do you ever question when exactly condensation goes from a mild inconvenience to a threat to your health? While you don’t need to be alarmed about a few drops of condensation on your windows, it is important to know the risks of letting condensation turn into mould and mildew. Inhaling mould and mildew can cause...

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