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You Can Still Realise Your Home Ambitions - Book An Online Appointment

30th March 2020

The national lockdown will have come at a bad time for you if you were about to embark upon a home improvement project and approach Trent Valley Windows for assistance, or so you may think.  We’re still operating and have introduced a FREE Online Design Appointment Service where you can speak to us online and...

Condensation - Its Cause And The Measures You Can Take To Stop It

19th March 2020

For many local householders, it’s not just the postman or postwoman they expect to see when they have an early home breakfast first thing in the morning at this time of the year. They will also anticipate having condensation all over their windows.  It makes them look very unattractive, with most people just putting it...

Trent Valley Windows Response To Covid-19

17th March 2020

Here at Trent Valley Windows we want you to know we’re prioritising your health and safety in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. We want to reassure you that the safety and well being of our customers and colleagues is always a top priority. In light of the current situation, we’re carefully following the advice...

Sales Tactics We Recommend You Avoid When Buying Windows

14th February 2020

The double-glazing industry has a much-enhanced reputation compared to how it was perceived by the public back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Companies like Trent Valley Windows have had a leading role in repairing the industry’s standing, which we’ve done by demonstrating professionalism, fairness and honesty in everything we do, over the last 25+ years....

The Home Décor Trends Expected To Emerge In 2020

10th February 2020

We like to try and continuously keep up-to-speed with the newest and emerging home décor trends, not just for ourselves, but also for the benefit of our customers. It’s very early into a New Year and we know that many of you will be planning to, or about to start, revamping your home interior. Whatever...

How To Start Saving Energy Now Before Big Energy Saving Week

15th January 2020

Looking to save money this year so that you can afford that family holiday or buy that new car you have had your eyes on? A few less takeaways and nights out will help, as will getting down the cost of your energy bills, which is dead easy to do. You will discover that when...

It’s On! The January Sale At Trent Valley Windows Has Begun

9th January 2020

We thought there was no better way to start 2020 than by giving our customers a chance to get quality home improvements for their properties for far less than they normally are. Our product range already offers fantastic value for money, but we know that it can be a difficult time to buy for some,...

Why Do I Get External Condensation On My New Windows?

18th December 2019

When you pull back the curtains first thing in the morning at certain points of the year, you will often be greeted by the sight of external condensation on your windows. It’s something you would expect to see on the outside of old windows, but not necessarily on the exterior of brand-new energy efficient windows....

How To Make Your Conservatory Feel Fantastically Festive

12th December 2019

Christmas is quickly creeping on us and now less than two weeks away. If you’re well-organised, you should have finished the bulk of your Christmas shopping and had a decorating day to give your home a festive feel. We hope if you’ve decorated your house that you haven’t left out your conservatory! It would be...

Winterproof Your Home With Our Best Maintenance Tips

27th November 2019

We’re almost into December, which means that winter isn’t too far away. Early estimates indicate that we could be in for a few very chilly months, and should they be right, you need to get your property prepared for what the winter may be about to throw at it, and do so immediately. Being lazy...

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