How To Make Your Home A Cosy Christmas Space

Living room at Christmas

We rely on our homes so much during the Christmas period because of the coldness of the weather and to celebrate the festivities.

It needs to be a cosy place and that cosiness shouldn’t just come from your heating system. No, your Christmas decorations can also contribute towards it.

If you don’t know how, Trent Valley Windows can elaborate…

Full-on festive fireplace

Your fireplace can be as much of a centrepiece as your Christmas tree and the two things will complement each other very well.

Follow the latest trend of hanging a wreath above your fireplace – this can be instead of putting it on your front door or you can do both.

Drape a garland along the mantle area and to make it stand out, add a neon sign onto the foliage that says e.g. ‘Merry Xmas’ or ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’.

A Christmas-inspired fireplace

Fairy lights in jars and bottles

The warm glow given off by fairy lights is very befitting for this time of year and they could sit inside any used glass jars and bottles that you have.

When making your own fairy-lit bottles, drill a hole in the bottom of them and then feed through the lights, fiddling around with a pencil or chopstick to put them in a suitable arrangement.

They will be fit for displaying on shelves, window sills etc. and be a cute Christmassy touch.

A glass bottle with fairy lights

Family photos

Christmas is a time for families to get together, eat, drink and be merry.

If you have taken photos during past Christmases, take them out of your photo albums and make decorative items out of them. For instance, some of your favourite snaps could be turned into personalised baubles or snow globes or tree decorations.

You couldn’t feel cosier than when you’re surrounded by so many fabulous festive memories.

Polaroid pictures

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