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Triple Glazing

Triple glazing offers maximum energy savings for your home.

Triple glazing is the next step up from the standard double glazing on the market and is fast growing in favour with those looking to significantly improve energy efficiency in their home. Place a triple glazed and double glazed window side-by-side and you will be hard pushed to spot any difference, but it’s the virtually unnoticeable extra pane of glass that makes all the difference, helping to provide 60% greater thermal efficiency than a standard ‘C’ rated double glazed window. Upgrading to triple glazing will have a positive impact on your fuel bills, reducing them to a far more affordable level. Tell us which window design most fits your buying criteria and we have the capacity to transform it into a triple glazed style that works incredibly hard at keeping your Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire home warm.

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It’s always worth the upgrade to triple glazing...

Triple glazing has a very high U-value in comparison to a single glazed unit, and is guaranteed to minimise the carbon footprint of any home.

Windows that offer a poor standard of insulation are typically responsible for around 25% of heat lost from a property. Triple glazed windows will reverse that trend and keep the majority of heat produced by a boiler firmly inside the building. At certain times of the year, your boiler will be virtually redundant.

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