3 Steps To Take To Entice More Natural Light Indoors

3 ways of enticing more natural light into your home

It’s almost the moment we’ve been waiting for all winter – spring is about to begin! You can sense that already by the marginally better weather and lighter nights. 

The extra bit of sunlight is very much welcomed after several months of the nights drawing in fast, and you want to try and drive as much of that light into your home as you can. 

Why so? Well, it makes an indoor space feel more inviting, for starters, and being exposed to natural light is great for our minds and bodies. 

To pull lots of additional sun into your private space, just follow our guidance.

Switch to aluminium windows

Much of the natural light your home currently receives will be courtesy of your windows, but they could be capturing more if you replace your bulky windows for aluminium windows. 

The aluminium windows prioritise glass over frame, coming with an amazingly slim aluminium profile so that the glazed area is maximised. Because of the extra bit of glass, you get more light – it’s that simple. 

Upon their installation, your home will immediately feel more illuminated, which will make an enormous difference.

The inside of a window

Remove any window obstructions

They won’t have the impact they could have though if there are plants, trees or bushes sitting directly in front of your windows and blocking out the sun. 

A little bit of gardening will sort that out, with some trimming or cutting back of them so that nothing stands in the sun’s way. 

This will boost light transference and also help your home receive more of the warmth generated by the sun, allowing you to reduce boiler usage.

An extension with patio doors

Include roof windows or fit a skylight

The one minor downside of adding a solid roof to a conservatory or orangery is that you can lose a bit of natural light from the space. However, this can be overcome with the inclusion of one or more roof windows. 

They won’t just keep the space well-lit, but you can get roof windows with an opening facility so that you can also fill it with fresh air from the outside in the summer. Upon installation, make sure to use the right silicone sealant tools to make the sealing a lot easier for you.

A more extravagant option would be to get a skylight integrated into the ceiling of a room that’s short of light. It will be a magnificent covering and really wow those who come to visit and get invited inside.

A skylight in an extension

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