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How To Organise Your Conservatory For The British Summer

After a promising start, the weather has taken a bit of a nosedive in recent days and become rather wet. It’s really frustrating as we know that lots of you have got accustomed to using your gardens over the past few months. 

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Oh well. You’re one of the lucky ones if you have a conservatory or orangery to take shelter in when it’s pouring down outside. But is that out of bounds too at the moment because of the weather and warm temperatures?

If so, there are plenty of measures you can take to make it summer-ready, starting with getting a new roof for the extension. 

Solid roof installation

Extensions that overheat in summer more often than not have traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing systems which are well-known for absorbing an excess amount of heat. 

Thankfully, a roofing system has been developed that eradicates that problem and can be custom-made to replace your current roof, and it’s called a solid roof. 

The UltraRoof 380 is one of the best-selling solid roofs and is light enough to be incorporated into most conservatory and orangery styles without the need for replacement windows and doors to be fitted. Your extension will feel so much cooler with it, than without it. 

French, patio or bi-folding doors

Is there a section within your extension that’s crying out for some form of door opening?

Adding a French, patio or bi-folding door to an available facet will give you the option of letting in some ventilation, and also provide easy access to any garden or patio area you have outside. 

You could leave it open when it’s raining, so long as none of the rain comes in, as there’s something therapeutic about tuning into the sound of rainfall. 

Install blinds

Depending on where your conservatory is positioned and what time of day it is, at certain points you may be affected by glare from the sun. 

You need some window coverings for when that happens and Venetian blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds are the most favoured option for conservatories in particular.

Whoever supplies your blinds, ensure that they come to measure the windows properly before producing and installing the blinds so that they fully cover them when drawn shut.

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