Try Out These Three Home Interior Design Trends For 2023

Home Interior Design Trends for 2023

For a home window design and front door design company like us, along with designers, architects and budding home improvers, it’s good to know about the latest home interior design trends.

Lots of new crazes are emerging in 2023 and they could influence any home improvement plans that you have this year.

If you would like some awareness of “what are the design trends for 2023?”, allow Trent Valley Windows to fill you in on the details.

Wild Wonder™ – Dulux Colour of the Year

Paint specialists, Dulux, have informed the world of their ‘Colour of the Year’ for the past two decades and Wild Wonder™ is their chosen shade this year.

A gentle warm gold with hints of green, Wild Wonder™ is said to be “inspired by the natural world” and has a nature-like undercurrent, which Dulux sees as a finish that when incorporated into rooms will make us feel more powerfully bonded to the outdoors.

The shade is so beautifully soft that it can work in any area, but most notably in bedrooms, kitchens and home offices.

Wild Wonder

Misshapen rugs

The mood and look of a room can be instantaneously changed and enhanced with a new, stylish rug, but for added visual interest, people are currently turning to geometric, curved and angular rug designs.

Your weirdest and most wonderful rugs can be a huge centrepiece of a conservatory design and conversation starter for your guests.

Be daring with your rugs and let your free-spirited mind run free.

A misshapen rug

Social spaces

We had to put so many things on hold during the worst of the pandemic, including large gatherings at home. No such restrictions exist now, so it’s back to having big numbers in a suitable social space.

That space could be your kitchen if there’s an ample island and breakfast bar in its layout for guests to assemble around and talk amongst themselves as you focus on the important job of cooking.

Any after-dinner drinks can be taken in your conservatory, orangery or home extension if it’s heated enough and you have good lighting inside the space.

Four ladies in a home extension

Our window and door products are likely to inspire you just as much as these top home interior design trends. Visit either of our showrooms to see the full extent of these exceptional collections.


Beginning your home improvement journey can be daunting. With new terminology and so much choice out there, it can be daunting – and not to mention alienating. To help, we’ve put together this FAQ section and answered some of your key questions.


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