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3 Great Ways Of Improving A Home In The Winter

The reintroduction of restrictions has meant that we have seen an awful lot of our homes over the past few weeks, and with Christmas coming, we’ll be seeing even more of them. 

It’s far from the worst place to be though if it’s a nice, cosy space, and you can use some of the time to improve the place, or come up with ideas of how that’s possible. 

Any enhancements made should be geared with winter in mind, and there are many possible enhancements that would work well for winter, including these three ideas: 

Install thick, new carpets in the house

Bring your floors back to life with the addition of fresh-smelling, lush new carpets. 

The thicker the carpets, the more warmth they will offer, and the more comfort you will get under your feet, especially if you have extra underlay incorporated into them. 

They will help retain heat, and with that you will enjoy lower energy bills. Just be careful not to walk on your shiny new carpets with muddy footwear!

Repaint a room with a new colour

You will have found yourself staring at your four walls on many occasions recently and realised that certain rooms could do with a fresh lick of paint.

Repainting is so easy and can be done in no time if several of you get involved. Wait for a dry day so that you can open windows to help the paint dry. 

As for what coloured paint you use, how about a light yellow or gentle orange to lift the atmosphere of the room and add some winter cheeriness indoors?

Get energy efficient window and doors

Have you already experienced a sharp rise in the cost of your energy bills? It’s not even that cold yet, and you don’t want to feel a bit of it indoors. 

Keep energy costs low and draughts out with the installation of energy efficient windows and doors with a high energy rating.

It can’t be done on the cheap, but it is worth the investment in the long-term. You can use the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much new energy efficient windows will save you alone. 

5 Star would love to take care of the fitting of new energy efficient windows and doors at your home to provide you with a more pleasant place to live this winter. We can give you a FREE quote whenever you’re ready. 

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