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How To Bring Festive Charm To Your Windows And Doors

Windows at Christmas

If you are struggling to get into the festive spirit, there’s still time!

Not only have the majority of people decorated earlier for Christmas this year, but many households are taking their decorations to the next level. 

It’s no longer enough to just put up your Christmas tree and be done with decorating your house. 

Add some festive charm to your windows and doors with Trent Valley Windows’ decorating tips to really deck the halls this year. Triple glazed windows add more sparkle to the festive season.

Door and window wreaths

You can’t go wrong with classic decorations like a Christmas wreath on your front door. But for a modern twist on this beloved tradition, why not take inspiration from the Americans and opt for wreaths on your windows too?

This festive decorating trend is common in the US and will make a bold statement.

Looking for inspiration? Head to Pinterest! In our opinion, homes with a simple, unified wreath with a red bow look beautifully festive.

Christmas wreath

Candles, fairy lights and lanterns

You can’t get your home ready for Christmas without including twinkling lights!

Drape fairy lights around your windows, light candles and place them on your windowsills and scatter lanterns in your doorways.

Lights are an inexpensive way to create a cosy atmosphere in your home.

Christmas lights

Festive ornaments

It’s amazing how many Christmas ornaments people collect over the years without even realising it!

The best place to showcase your festive knick-knacks is on your windowsill. You can display sentimental ornaments that your children made at school or crystal decorations if that’s more your style.

You can also place poinsettias on windowsills! A stunning symbol of Christmas.

Ornaments on windows

It’s important that your windows and doors do their job of keeping you warm and toasty this Christmas. If you are noticing drafts, it may be time to replace them. Request a FREE QUOTE here.

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