Invest In Energy Efficient Windows & Doors To Try Protect Yourself From Rising Costs

Cut your energy bills

With the rising cost of living and the skyrocketing cost of energy, there’s little comfort in being a homeowner right now.

On the 1st of April, the energy price cap rose to £1971, which is the most an energy supplier can charge you for the amount of gas and electricity your household uses.

Prior to April, the price cap was £1277. Therefore, the new cap is an increase of 54%. Experts are warning that it could rise even further, possibly to £2600 and above.

Savvy shoppers may have decided to shop around for cheaper energy in the past, but this may not be possible right now. The lowest price fixed tariff is currently £2800.

For our practical advice, read on.

Get energy efficient windows and doors installed by Trent Valley Windows before the next price increase and hopefully protect yourself from further increases in the future.

Let us explain why it’s worthwhile.

Energy Efficient Windows

Heat loss can happen by escaping through the glazing and frames of badly insulating windows. 

For a simple test you can complete at home, hold a candle up to your windows and watch if the flame flickers. They may not be performing as they should if you notice moisture, mould and cracks in the sealant too.

There are many styles of double hung windows that are energy efficient, and they might save you money every year. As well as preventing heat from exiting your home, they could also harness heat from the sun.

Energy efficient windows

Energy Efficient Doors

Your outdated doors could also be playing a part in the amount of heat escaping from your home. To check their energy efficiency, do the same checks as you would for your windows mentioned above.

Replacement doors, their frames and glass, should all have a U-value of 1.8 W/m². The U-value tells you how good the door is at preventing heat from passing through the door.

If you’re familiar with U-value, you’ll know that the lower the figure, the better. Our variety of door options all comfortably satisfy the requirements.

Energy efficient doors

With our 20 year guarantee, our energy efficient windows and doors could save you money for many future price cap increases to come .

Time is running out – get a quote from Trent Valley Windows to try make your home energy efficient before the impending increase in October.


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