How To Make Your Conservatory Feel Fantastically Festive

Christmas is quickly creeping on us and now less than two weeks away. If you’re well-organised, you should have finished the bulk of your Christmas shopping and had a decorating day to give your home a festive feel.

We hope you’ve decorated your house after having the attic insulation done so that you haven’t left out your conservatory! It would be such a missed opportunity if you have as you could use it as the setting for the Christmas dinner and any party games that come after it.

The sheer joy on people’s faces when you invite them to take to the dinner table and they see how Christmassy you’ve made the conservatory will be priceless.

It doesn’t have to be a big job. It’s Ho Ho Ho so easy to give an extension a Christmassy atmosphere…

Fairy lights

It might be dark by the time you assemble around the table to eat your roast turkey and all the trimmings. In which case, you will need to illuminate the space.

Rather than switch on the main light, use some white-coloured fairy lights to create a wintry-like mood.

You could have them hanging around the perimeter of the ceiling or from the rafters of the roof. If that’s too much like hard work, just put them in a large glass bowl and use it as a centrepiece for the table.

Put up a tree

You’re allowed to have more than one Christmas tree you know!

Make the most of the headspace within the extension and buy a tall tree that you can gather round in the morning for the present opening.

If the ceiling is short, just get a mini real or fake Christmas tree as nothing says Christmas more than an attractively decorated tree.

Add some snow effect stickers

We’re all dreaming of a White Christmas. In the absence of any genuine snow outside, you can always get some snowflake and snowman cut-out stickers and apply them to the various windows to create a snowy indoor scene.

Lay the table with a fresh pure white tablecloth too as it will be beautiful accompaniment to any falling snow that comes.


If the option of using your conservatory at Christmas isn’t available due to poor insulation, you should look to get a solid tiled roof from Trent Valley Windows. Once fitted, Christmas in the conservatory will become a regular annual event.


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