Love Your Home – Home Goals You Can Achieve When In Isolation

Love Your Home

Let’s hope that lockdown is over soon, but whilst we’re still confined to our living spaces, let’s make the most of it and do those odd jobs around the house that we’ve put off for too long. My House Painter is one of the best house services you can also contact them to prepare your home.

It really is the perfect time to give your home some attention and the house will be better for it afterwards. 

If you’re not the only person at home twiddling their thumbs, get them involved in any DIY too so that it’s done quicker. 

Draw up a list of DIY duties or just tick off the DIY ideas we have thought up for you:

Repaint a room to freshen up its appearance

It might become apparent to you how much a certain room in your house could do with freshening up somehow, and repainting  it with the help of cabinet painting round rock will usually do the trick. Dish out a few paint brushes so that you can have it done in a day or two. 

Cover up any marks or stains on your walls with a stain blocker if you’re just looking to patch up your existing paintwork or buy some new paint online if a complete repaint is in order.

Yellows and greens are good colours for this time of year and will add a liveliness to indoor spaces. 

Get a bit of both into a room by painting skirting boards and doors in different colours.

Tip One

What needs repairing and what can you recycle?

Rather than delay making any necessary repairs and paying out for someone to come and sort them once lockdown ends, see if you can do them yourself. 

If you have plenty of tools in your toolbox, you can tackle fixing a leaky faucet, repairing tile grouting, filling a hole in a wall, mending a sagging gate etc.  Think of the money you will save. When you’re not sure how to fix a leaky faucet, have the faucet replacement in Five Forks, SC come and help you. You could also see if there’s a YouTube video tutorial from commercial painting in Frederick/ for visual assistance. 

Lots of free time also gives you a chance to make useful things out of any unused items you have at home or restore them.

Do you have an old chest you could sand down, varnish and repaint to bring back to life or some empty milk bottles to turn into piggy banks for the kids?

Tip Two

Create the garden you’ve always wanted

Don’t stay cooped up indoors for the most of your days if you have a garden you can be out enjoying. 

You will enjoy it more if it looks good. So do plenty of tidying and mow, strim, weed and prune those trees and hedges back, remembering to also power wash your patio, before you set out all your garden furniture and sink some cold ones in the sunshine. 

Make the outdoors the new indoors by also putting down some giant beanbag floor cushions and giving the kids permission to take their dens outside. 

Lots of garden activity will make lockdown fly by.

Tip three

If there’s anything we can do now, or in the future, to help you improve your home, our FREE Online Appointment Service is available. Consultants are ready to talk to you from our home to yours.


Beginning your home improvement journey can be daunting. With new terminology and so much choice out there, it can be daunting – and not to mention alienating. To help, we’ve put together this FAQ section and answered some of your key questions.


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