The Home Décor Trends Expected To Emerge In 2020

We like to try and continuously keep up-to-speed with the newest and emerging home décor trends, not just for ourselves, but also for the benefit of our customers.

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It’s very early into a New Year and we know that many of you will be planning to, or about to start, revamping your home interior.

Whatever you decide to do, you ideally want the resulting redesign to encapsulate how a home interior should look in 2020.

It will do if you incorporate some of what’s hot in home décor right now, such as these three developing fads.

A ‘Tranquil Dawn’ or ‘Classic Blue’ colour scheme

Is your current colour scheme behind the times? Change to either a ‘Tranquil Dawn’ or ‘Classic Blue’ indoor palette, respectively announced as the Colour of the Year by Dulux and Pantone.

A hazy pale green, Tranquil Green is said to be “inspired by the morning sky and give homes the human touch”.

Because it is such a calming tone, it works well in bedroom areas and pairs well with neutral oatmeal tones, dusky pinks and lilacs.

Classic Blue is a much bolder, a deep blue shade that Pantone claim is like ‘the sky at dusk’.

Most interiors experts suggest using it as an accent colour and via accessories such as pillows, throws, artwork and rugs.


Trends are often cyclical, and things come back into fashion, which is exactly what is happening now with the revival of houseplants.

It’s the millennial generation that are behind this resurgence of houseplants like spider plants, cacti, Swiss cheese plants and peace lily.

They are turning to houseplants to create their own indoor gardens to compensate for not having any outdoor greenery at, or near their home.

Houseplants can also do your health a wealth of good, boosting healing, aiding breathing and supplying you with cleaner air.


“Japandi”, sometimes also referred to as “Scandinese” or “Japanordic”, is a term used to describe the fusion of Japanese styling and Scandinavian simplicity that’s fast taking the world by storm.

Characterised by its uncluttered minimalism and clean lines, wood is a key material in the Japandi design movement, and it relies on muted neutral and pastel colours. There are experts and commercial services that you can contact to get help getting your space cleaned.

And it just so happens that houseplants are central to the Japandi theme, giving you the chance to fit two concepts into one.


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