How To Give Your Home A Stronger Buyer Appeal

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Who would want to be trying to sell a house right now? The country’s economic problems are badly affecting the housing market, with the number of homes sold dipping by nearly 40% in September and housing experts, Nationwide, estimating that house prices could drop by around 8-10% next year.

But, despite the present gloomy outlook, there’s no reason why you can’t attract a sale if you’re ready to sell up. It’s just a matter of being well-prepared and making sure your property has the necessary appeal.

Organise the important paperwork

When a potential sale has been agreed, you will be required to provide the buyer with all essential paperwork relating to the property. If you can’t, the sale could well fall through.

Make sure that you know where the land registry documents and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) are, and you will also need to supply a FENSA or CERTASS certificate if your windows have been updated in the last few years, as well as planning permission and / or building regulations certificates for any extension that you’ve had constructed.


Brighten up your interior

Many house buyers seek spaciousness and there are various tricks and tips you can use to create the feeling of space in your rooms.

One of them involves the simple task of keeping your windows clean so that the sun can get in easily and mirrors should be installed near to these windows to reflect the natural light.

In addition, change your various colour schemes to lighter shades, fix any broken lights, ensure you don’t have any obstructions that will interfere with light transference, move around your furniture to create more floor space and look into the installation of a large sliding door or skylight.

The interior of a house

Wow buyers with your windows

Evidence of the impact your windows can have on the overall impression of your home has been confirmed in a survey held by the HomeOwners Alliance, when 71% of those polled said that “Windows in good condition (no signs of rot or flaking paint)” are what they consider to be the most important kerb appeal feature.

Unless your windows are in absolute mint condition, they should be upgraded and our UPVC and aluminum window designs would be a fitting replacement as they have finishes and a framework that will never rot or flake due to being completely weather-resistant. They ooze style and class and you can easily replicate it with materials from

The exterior of a house

Head to either of our showrooms to see just how elegant our window offerings are and everything else that we have to enhance your abode and make it irresistible to people.


Beginning your home improvement journey can be daunting. With new terminology and so much choice out there, it can be daunting – and not to mention alienating. To help, we’ve put together this FAQ section and answered some of your key questions.


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