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Will Triple Glazing Help To Keep Noise Out Of Your Home?

As the country begins to return to some sort of normality, things are beginning to get noisy again, with there being more traffic on the roads and more trains and planes running. 

Triple Glazing

You will hear this more than most if you live in a house with single glazed windows and doors, situated in a built-up area. 

It really can drive you round the bend and won’t help if you’re a light sleeper and prone to being awoken by noise in the morning or regularly work from home and need to concentrate. 

For some people, it’s not as simple as moving to a quieter area. But what they might be able to do instead is have triple glazed windows and doors fitted, regularly labelled as being “noise-reducing”. 

There is some truth to that, but the window and door must be correctly specified and properly fitted. 

Standard glass won’t do. You need it to be thicker than a conventional glass pane and for each of the three panes to differ in thickness for triple glazing to have any discernible impact on noise. It’s also important to have a large air gap between each of the glazed layers. 

It is compulsory to have trickle vents incorporated in some replacement windows to ensure that they comply with building regulations, but if given the option to omit them, take it, as noise from the outdoors can slip through the vents.

Whoever fits your windows and doors, make sure they seal them properly so that there are absolutely no gaps. Trent Valley Windows has over 25 years’ experience of installing windows and doors, so we definitely know what we’re doing. 

Your existing windows and doors may not be fully at fault for the cause of your headaches. We’d advise that you also try and figure out whether some of the noise is forcing its way in through your roof, walls and floors, and if it is, find a solution for these areas of the house too. 

Our Virtual Appointment System remains available if you want to talk about triple glazing with a consultant via video-call, instead of venturing to our showroom. 


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