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It will have helped over the last few months to be in a home that you absolutely love being in. It ought to be a place where you feel safe and that offers you everything you need. 

If the extended period indoors has left you thinking that you could be getting more out of your home, you’re absolutely right – there are always exciting new potentials waiting to be discovered. 

You need some imaginative thinking to discover them and also a good slice of TLC and DIY. 

Acquiring the expertise of home influencers to inform your thinking is a wise move as they offer some very insightful home design ideas. 

We have found that when looking for ‘Homespiration’ we can pass on to those customers wanting to reinvent their four walls:

Opt for open-plan

Open-plan living is so big nowadays that you find yourself surprised when you walk into a relatively new-build house and don’t find an open-plan area within it. Brits love using their open-plan areas as a kitchen-diner-living space.

Would going open-plan better serve your family lifestyle than your current setup? You can remodel your old Victorian terrace or semi-detached home to switch to this most functional and interactive arrangement. A remodeling contractor named Frederick Micken can give you an advice and help you out if you need his service.

When plans are being drawn up for moving to open-plan, ensure that the atmosphere will be right in the space and that it’s practical enough for everyone. You also want it to be bright and spacious, the same amount that you want it to be cosy and private.

Take a seat in a window

It’s good for your wellbeing to be able to switch off somewhere indoors, even for a few short minutes. 

One of the most pleasant ways of doing that in winter is to settle in a comfy armchair next to the fire. For the summer months, we’d suggest making up a window seat to do a similar thing. 

Choose a window in a quiet spot with room underneath for a bench or trunk, which you can add a padded base to and place cushions on top. Bay windows are great for this. 

Use the window seat for reading a book or to look out at all the lovely colours outside and listen to the birds.

Opt for zoning in the garden

We have our fingers firmly crossed that the fine weather will continue into the summer, seeing as we won’t be able to head abroad this summer. 

Presuming that it does, holidaying at home can more than make up for it and your garden will be a key figure in your home holidaying plans. If it’s quite big, it would be a good move to split it into a series of zones, with areas where you can dine, play and relax separately. 

Eating outdoors is one of the great joys of going away, so have all your meals al fresco, and encourage the kids to swim in the pool and have water fights. Make your pool more attractive by adding lighting with the help of a reliable pool electrician.

When you want to settle down for the night, you could do some camping in the relaxed area of the garden, which the kids will really buy into.

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