How To Have Some Skele-fun When Decorating Your Home For Halloween


Halloween has creeped up on us again! You only have a short amount of time to dress your home in spooky fashion for it, but it can be easy enough to do and doesn’t need to be done at a scary cost.

Find out where your nearest pumpkin patch is so that you can go pumpkin-picking with the kids, before taking them home and carving them with some stencils.

Aside from the usual pumpkins, there are some other devilish decorating ideas you can employ.

Bewitching Entrance

People will be perplexed, bewildered and perturbed when they spot in your entrance a witch’s pair of shoes and a broomstick.

They’ll be even more confused if there’s also a sign hanging up that carries a message of “potions on sale” or “free flying lessons”.

We predict that there will be a strong witch-theme at households this Halloween because of the recent release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+.

A broomstick and sign

Spine-Chilling Stickers

This is a really simple tip but can be blood-curdling and just involves applying lots of stickers of evil witches, silly skeletons and ghastly ghouls to your windows.

Conscious that these types of stickers might frighten younger children a bit too much? You can get stickers of Casper the friendly ghost from online retailers like Amazon, which shouldn’t petrify them.

Two boys in a Halloween-themed extension

Halloween-Inspired Light Box

Send out funny and sinister messages to the outside world in the lead-up to Halloween by spelling them out on a light box.

Put the light box in your front window so that it glows at night when it has things on it like “turn back now” or “life’s a witch”.

Don’t pack the light box away after Halloween. Keep it out and begin counting down the days until Christmas, as it won’t be too far away.

A light box with trick or treat on it

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