How To Give Your Property The Look And Feel Of A Cottage

Cottage look and feel

Winter is fast approaching and you can tell by the weather and the dark gloomy nights. Where better to hide away from that than inside your cosy home, or at least it should be cosy. 

Cottages are widely perceived as being cosy spaces, and you can quite easily channel that cottage-like feel into your home to make the winter months easier to bear. 

Whether your house is traditional or contemporary, and no matter what house style you have, a few little touches will do the trick and make the place very much feel and look like a snug countryside retreat.

The feel: get the warmth dialled in 

What you need more than anything is a warm atmosphere indoors as that’s a central component of cottage living. 

For immediate warmth, put the fire on, and lay out thick blankets and throws on the different bits of seating you have, giving everyone the option of using them to keep snug. So that no heat is lost, upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors, if you don’t already have some. 

Energy efficient windows and doors will offer fantastic heat retention, enabling you to limit any heater usage. If you need great properties like this, here’s a great post to read which you can check it out! 

Being less dependent on your heating system will also translate into cheaper energy bills, leaving you with money to then focus on the look of the house.

Cottage window

The look: initiate a cottage aesthetic

With the thermal comfort attended to, your decor is the next thing to turn your attention towards.

A concept you may have heard a lot about recently is cottagecore, an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside. Home renovators have been all over cottagecore ever since the beginning of the pandemic, enraptured by the nostalgic aura it gives off. 

If you want to follow the theme, you will need plenty of floral patterns, which will be simple to organise as you can buy various soft furnishings with them e.g. curtains and valances, wallpaper, antique drawer knobs. 

When investing in a window and entry doorway upgrade, choose a pastel-coloured finish for them and place water jugs filled with fresh flowers on your window sills.

Cottage style home

New windows and doors should be an urgent priority if they perform like windows and doors from a previous era. 

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