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3 Home Trends To Note Down For Your 2021 Home Improvement Plans

The start of a New Year is a time when many people decide to wipe the slate clean and give their home a brand-new look. 

It’s a thought that may have crossed your mind recently, and if it is, we say, “go ahead and do it!”

But just before you do, we’d like to help and make you aware of some of the up-to-the-minute crazes in home interior design for 2021.

These ‘in’ trends are fashionable concepts that you could use for your home makeover.


Very soon after the pandemic hit and the country first went into lockdown, the cottagecore theme began to emerge in homes, and its appeal is only set to broaden this year. 

To explain what cottagecore is, we ask you to transport your mind to living out in the countryside in some cute little cottage surrounded by greenery and farmlife – think the Darling Buds of May!

It’s all about cosiness which can come from a display of your finest china on a dresser, floral patterns on walls or soft textures, or just the introduction of a farmhouse table in your kitchen.

Home Offices

Much of 2020 saw millions of people forced to work from home, and it will be a similar story for them during the first part of 2021. 

This will see a continued rise in demand for permanent home offices, whereas those without either the room or money to get an office extension, will use existing bedrooms, attics and kitchens to transform them into make-shift work spaces.

Whichever direction you go, ensure your home office is well-lit, offers plenty of storage and comfort, and has an atmosphere without distractions.


The selfie is old news! It’s all about this ‘shelfie’ this year. 

The #shelfie hashtag is all over Instagram right now. When you click it you will see pictures of all sorts of wacky shelves, full of colourful, decorative ceramics, glassware and plates. 

Some real thought needs to go into a shelfie design. Firstly, making sure that it’s in good light for the final snap, and getting the colour coordination right with the various objects displayed.

Hazlemere would love to be involved in any home improvement project you have planned, and has multiple products you could include in the makeover. Organise for a FREE quote to be put together for you here.

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