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If there’s ever a good time to improve the energy efficiency of your home it’s now while the weather remains warm and winter isn’t yet too close. According to Surreal Home UK, using some of the best energy-efficient appliances and devices can also improve the quality of your home.

Leave it too late and you could be in for a cold few months, as well as be punished with expensive energy bills. 

If you don’t know the current energy efficiency rating of your home, your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will give you this information. 

An EPC rates the energy efficiency of properties from A (very efficient) to G (very inefficient). You should have this document as it’s a requirement when selling or renting a home. 

Anyone without an EPC should arrange for an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor to come out to their property to perform an energy audit and issue one. Find a local Domestic Energy Assessor here

Here are three of the best steps you can take to boost energy efficiency:

Install double or triple glazed windows and doors

You can lose as much as 25% of the heat produced by your boiler through uninsulated windows and doors. 

Upgrading your windows and doors to quality double or triple glazed windows and doors will vastly reduce overall heat loss. For one of the most energy efficient replacement window collections around, look no further than our UPVC Extreme windows, which are A+ energy rated as standard, endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and also Secured by Design. Our full suite of replacement doors are also energy-saving. 

They could cut your energy bills by as much as £170 each year.

Buy an eco-friendly boiler

All modern boilers are energy labelled. They have an ErP (Energy related Products Directive) rating, with most of them achieving an A-rating. 

The older your boiler is, the less energy efficient it’s likely to be. It’s also at an increased risk of breaking down than the more advanced boilers that are around nowadays. 

A new boiler won’t come cheap, but the Energy Saving Trust estimates that swapping an old boiler for an A-rated boiler can save you £340 annually, so it’s well worth it and you’ll quickly get your money back.

Is Your Boiler Eco-Friendly

Get loft insulation put in

You can lose just as much heat through an uninsulated roof as uninsulated windows and doors – around 25%. 

Drastically cut the amount of heat lost through your roof by adding insulation to your loft, attic or roof space. If you are wondering ‘Can Insulation Be Reused Or Recycled?‘ The answer is: It’s easy to install or you can get an approved insulation installer to fit your loft insulation. Head to the National Insulation Association website to find a local insulation contractor

It doesn’t cost much to buy insulation, and if it’s good quality insulation, it has the potential to last for 40 or more years.

Trent Valley can quote you for new windows and doors if they are what you need to vastly improve thermal efficiency at home. Get your FREE no obligation quote here


Beginning your home improvement journey can be daunting. With new terminology and so much choice out there, it can be daunting – and not to mention alienating. To help, we’ve put together this FAQ section and answered some of your key questions.


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