A Trio Of 2022’s Hottest Home Trends

Home trends for 2022

Can you remember the last time that you updated your home decor? If we’re talking a good few years, then it’s well overdue a bit of a makeover. 

The New Year is often when people will begin a home improvement project, as they seek to give their property a fresh, new look. 

If you’re now similarly inclined to do it, take note of the key colours and themes that we have identified as being amongst the year’s hottest home trends.

Multi-functional spaces

Our homes have been worked extremely hard over the last couple of years, and in 2022, they’ll be worked even harder still. 

Since the pandemic, home offices have been one of the biggest home trends, with one or more rooms needing to double-up as one, and now we’re set to see certain rooms tripling-up for varying functions. 

If you have a guest room that only gets used once in a while, how about putting a foldaway desk in it, together with a Peloton, so that you can both work and workout easily from home. A quality living space can also easily serve multiple purposes.

A lady exercising

Grandmillennial style

Nobody can be blamed for wanting a little bit of comfort in their life after what we’ve endured recently.

Do you recall the cosiness of your Grandparent’s house? You felt so safe in its confines and it’s an atmosphere that millennials everywhere are looking to recreate in their own homes, commonly referred to as the Grandmillennial style. 

Achieving the Grandmillenial theme is pretty simple. Veer away from too much clutter and do things like adding old China to an upholstered sideboard, introducing floral prints on walls and soft furnishings, and installing an antique Grandfather clock. 

You will love the peaceful atmosphere that it generates.

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White gets ditched

White is the coldest colour of all, and while it’s OK to use it in small doses, you want to be more experimental with your colour choices. 

Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year, “Very Peri”, is certainly very eye-catching and bold, being a periwinkle blue with rich violet undertones. What a statement it would make in your living areas. 

There will also be a widespread appreciation for some of the earthy tones and colours that are synonymous with nature, like chocolate brown and terracotta. 

You should easily be able to get hold of a leather sofa in either colour, or incorporate them into your window treatments.

Very Peri, 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year

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Beginning your home improvement journey can be daunting. With new terminology and so much choice out there, it can be daunting – and not to mention alienating. To help, we’ve put together this FAQ section and answered some of your key questions.


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