Trent Valley’s Indispensable Guide To Energy Efficiency

Energy saving tips that will lower your usage

Millions of householders still face a nightmare winter because of the increasing cost of energy, even though the Prime Minister recently announced that the energy price cap will be frozen.

For the next two years, it will stay at £2,500 a year, which equates to a saving of £1,000, but with energy bills still being double what they were just over a year ago, it’s a high price to pay for many families. For more on saving energy, read here the latest post where you can learn about Premier Improvements Solar.

So that your fuel costs don’t hurt your finances too much, it’s absolutely imperative that you make moves to improve energy efficiency at home, which you can do by contacting a Solar PV Installer and  following the forethought of Trent Valley Windows. There are a few programs that completely cover the cost of installing solar panels in New Jersey, read more on NJ Solar Initiative’s website.

Cut your showering time

In winter, you can easily get into the habit of staying in the shower, with all the hot water pumping out, for longer than you necessarily need to.

Try not to do that, if not just for the sake of your wallet, but also for the sake of your skin, as dermatological experts claim that 5 to 10 minutes is the ideal amount of showering time for your skin. If you think you will have difficulty abiding by that, use the stopwatch function on your phone to make sure you get out in time.

A shower head

Use your washing line

It’s been one of the driest summers since records began, and you never know, winter might be just as wet-free. If that’s how it goes, and the temperatures are unseasonably high at any point, dry your clothing outside, not inside.

This will save you needing to use your radiators or tumble dryer. When you do that, moisture is generated in the house and this is a common cause of condensation on windows, and once that sets in, it can lead to harmful damp and mould.

A washing line

Buy energy efficient windows & doors

One of the most effective ways of boosting the energy efficient standards of a house is to have double or triple glazed windows and doors installed. For more ideas just cick the last link.

These windows and doors will keep more heat indoors, so that your boiler doesn’t need to expend as much energy, which will often result in a noticeable reduction in fuel costs. You won’t be troubled by draughts again either.

Energy efficient windows and doors

Buying new windows and doors may sound like an expensive investment, but you’d be surprised by how affordable they can be. Request a quote from Trent Valley Windows and this will confirm it.

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