How To Inject Some Colour Into Your Living Space

How to use colour to enhance your home

The days aren’t as long now as we inch nearer to the spring season, but our homes aren’t being afforded with lots of natural light quite yet. 

That’s OK though as you can always compensate for that by adding some colour to your house, inside and outside, to give it a warm and welcoming feel. 

But what is the best way of incorporating colour? At Trent, we have some great tips up our sleeve that we’re happy to share.

Colourful windows & doors 

Colour is an amazingly powerful thing. Exposure to certain colours can influence your mood, and when cleverly used, it has the ability to make compact spaces somehow look bigger than they are.

A striking finish for your windows and doors will give your living space a massive aesthetic lift, or you could just invest in a new window treatment that will make a bold statement, such as patterned curtains or attractive window blinds

White would be too cold for the winter. A red hue, like Mahogany, would be much more warming and make the darker nights more bearable.

The inside of an oak coloured window

Colourful paint

Applying a fresh lick of paint to different areas and items can totally revive their look. Just see how much a feature wall, TV stand or bookcase is lifted with a simple repaint. 

Our advice would be to avoid colours like cream, magnolia or ivory on the colour wheel and find colours that are likely to complement each other, rather than clash – only in exceptional circumstances will bright blue and yellow go well together in a single space. 

The most harmonious colours will usually be adjacent on the wheel, with the adjoining colours of blue, green and cyan offering proof of this.

A kitchen area

Colourful accessories

If you can’t decide whether a colour scheme will successfully come off, trial it first by being experimental, incorporating the colour/s via soft furnishings e.g. cushions, rugs, blankets and throws. 

At least then you won’t have to make any wholesale changes at great expense if you conclude that the colour scheme isn’t up your street.

A bedroom area

Each product sold at Trent Valley Windows is available in a wide range of coloured finishes. You can see what kind of finishes we offer in our various product brochures, available for FREE here.

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