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You Can Still Realise Your Home Ambitions - Book An Online Appointment

The national lockdown will have come at a bad time for you if you were about to embark upon a home improvement project and approach Trent Valley Windows for assistance, or so you may think. 

We’re still operating and have introduced a FREE Online Design Appointment Service where you can speak to us online and begin to plan the home improvements you want fitted once things have returned to normal. 

Your property might feel overcrowded with your family spending more time together at home, making you think about extending, or you’re not getting the comfort you need from your windows and doors to keep warm. 

We can start to resolve those sorts of scenarios right now by having a conversation via video-call, or over the phone, if that’s easier for you. 

If you choose the video-call option, the consultant involved has software they can use to show you the different possibilities and numerous insightful videos and visuals. 

We will need some measurements and photographs to help us create some concepts, but we obviously cannot come out to your home at present. So what the consultant will do instead is ask you to take them for us and give you simplified instructions of how to do this – honest, it’s really easy. 

Once all the necessary information has been gathered from you, we’ll develop some ideas and come back to you with them, along with a FREE no obligation quote; a price that will be locked-in for 6 months. 

When the green light is given to go ahead, the team at Trent Valley will get on with the job of creating your home improvement of choice, fitting after the lockdown has ended. 


Let’s talk and get things in place. Book in your FREE Online Design Appointment for a time that’s convenient for you. 

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