Will You Get Involved In National Home Improvement Month And #MakeOneChange?

Are you the type of person who likes a challenge? If so, a challenge has been set for you this September and it’s to #MakeOneChange to your home for National Home Improvement Month. 

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The reason for the challenge and this annual campaign is due to the lack of love people living in the UK have for their homes. According to the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA), more than half of UK householders (56%) aren’t in love with their home.

That just isn’t right! You should #MakeOneChange if you have lost that loving feeling for your home, and doing so could win you a prize. You will find out more about this on the National Home Improvement Month website

What’s the one change you have in mind? If you’re unsure what to do, you can rely on Trent Valley Windows for some ideas:

Kitchen upgrade

Kitchens are no longer just a place where we settle down for dinner. They’re far more multi-purpose than that nowadays and used as an area for socialising and relaxing in, very much like the living room. 

Make it a space you enjoy being in with a few simple upgrades, such as repainting or refacing your old kitchen cabinets and affixing a new set of hardware to them e.g. handles, pulls, door knobs. 

You will be blown away with how new the setting feels afterwards and that’s without you undergoing a full kitchen renovation and spending a load of money. For expert recommendations to building or buying a home here, they can check here!

Use removable wallpaper

We haven’t made this up, honest! You can get removable wallpaper if you don’t want the hassle of pasting wallpaper to your walls and ensuring it’s lined up properly. 

Literally, all you have to do is apply the paper to the desired wall. To remove it, you just peel it off the wall and it won’t cause any damage or mess. 

This is an amazing alternative to traditional wallpaper as it’s so much easier to change wallpaper designs when you fancy a different look. 

Create an impressive entrance

You want people to say nice things about your home. Whether they do or they don’t could come down to the appearance of your front entrance.  One best way to do it is to hire Home Inspections Summerlin, NV

Is your front door in good nick or could you do with replacing it with a new UPVC or composite door? Does the front lawn need tidying up a bit and it lacks some colour?  People can check out U.S. Lawns landscape business for sale here, if they need the best landscape services. 

With a fancy-looking front door and professionally done lawn maintenance, nobody could possibly say a bad word about the place when viewed from the outside Just make sure the inside looks as good!

To #MakeOneChange you might need the help of a specialist home improvement company and Trent Valley Windows will gladly assist. Just get in touch and tell us how we can help. 


Beginning your home improvement journey can be daunting. With new terminology and so much choice out there, it can be daunting – and not to mention alienating. To help, we’ve put together this FAQ section and answered some of your key questions.


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