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UPVC Windows With Double Glazing

New UPVC windows are a great way to brighten up your home. We Provide you with  a whole range of UPVC windows complete with double glazing as standard so you can be sure we will have the perfect windows for your home. With new advancements in technologies we can create a whole range of UPVC frames in a fantastic range of colours. White windows are no longer the only option. All our double glazed windows are rated A for efficiency and for even more peace of mind we also offer triple glazed windows to keep your home warm all year round. Being the leading window installer in the Nottingham & Derby we can fit any of our made to measure windows on every home. Our windows are custom made to fit perfectly where required. We are that confident that our new windows are the best on the market we show them off in our Nottingham showroom & Derby showroom so you can get a feel for just how good our UPVC windows really are. For a free windows quote contact us today.

Glazing Options
leaded windows

New UPVC Windows in Nottingham & Derby

When choosing your new replacement windows you need to decide what type of glass you would prefer to have incorporated into the frame. Our Energy Rated UPVC Windows are available for those keen to get the optimum performance out of their design.

Double Glazing
wood windows

UPVC Double glazing Windows In Nottingham & Derby

Many homeowners choose to replace their windows with new double glazed UPVC windows this is one of the most popular glass options amongst homeowners. The key ingredient when manufacturing double glazing is the two panes of glass create an insulting cavity within.

Triple Glazing
top open upvc windows

Triple Glazing UPVC Windows in Nottingham & Derby

The extra pane of glass that comes with triple glazing makes all the difference. Offering many benefits such as added security and better sound insulation and a higher energy efficiency compared to double glazing. prevent your home from suffering with draughts and heat loss by replacing your windows with triple glazing.

Privacy Glass
upvc frosted windows

Privacy Glazing – Enjoy Secluded Home Living

We all want our homes to be private and secluded especially in certain areas of our home such as the bathroom and living room. We have wide range of patterned glass designs that can help obscure the view that passers-by get when observing your property. Our privacy glass can be integrated into double and triple glazing meaning you’ll still receive a superb amount of energy efficiency.

Buyers Guide
new upvc windows

What to consider when buying new UPVC windows

When investing in replacement windows for your home don’t jump straight in. Speak to one of Trent Valley Windows’ design consultants for expert advice to guide you along the process of choosing the best new UPVC windows for you.

white upvc windows

There are multiple considerations to be made when buying new windows...

Windows nowadays have advanced. Multiple openings are achievable depending upon the type of window you choose. Whether you want something that tilts & turns or slides upwards and downwards, the opportunities are there for you. You must remember your replacement windows should be complementary to your home.

new upvc window

Energy Efficient

The efficiency is a key concern for many homeowners as they look to reduce the cost of household fuel bills. New UPVC windows with an A-rating efficiency are the best solution for saving on heating bills.

replacement upvc window


Ensuring your home is secure when leaving it unoccupied or going to bed is vital. Your windows need to provide the secure barrier your property requires which means that they should be comprised of the very finest materials and components.

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window guarantee offers


When investing in modern-day windows you expect long-term reliability to justify your initial investment. However, from time to time, small remedial adjustments may need to be made to your chosen product at some point in the future in order to safeguard their performance.

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Frame Options
upvc window frame

What to consider when investing in replacement windows...

Don’t jump in headfirst when investing your money in replacement windows. You should have a logical reason for replacing your existing windows. It could for a number of reasons such as that your existing designs look past their sell-by date in terms of appearance or they are no longer preventative enough when it comes to stopping heat loss. Speak to one of Trent Valley Windows’ many design consultants for expert advice.

upvc windows

UPVC Windows in Nottingham & Derby

New UPVC windows are a popular choice for many homeowners. They offer low maintenance, long lasting and are very affordable. This frame option gives you impressive thermal efficiency which traps the home’s natural heat and reduces the owner’s reliance on central heating.

aluminium windows

Aluminium Frame Windows

Aluminium frames are considered to be durable and tough. The sleekness enables significant areas of glass to be integrated within it. The more glass means enhanced views, a warmer atmosphere and greater energy efficiency.

wood style windows

Heritage Windows

Trent Valley Windows’ Heritage Frames look and feel like timber. This frame can easily be mistaken for wood with the meticulous detail and intricacy put into Heritage frames. The frame recreates its artistry in design and unites it with all the key features of a 21st Century equivalent i.e. low maintenance, strong, highly energy efficient.

coloured windows

Prepare to be spoilt for choice with our colour range...

We have countless colour options for you to should consider before coming to a final decision on your window design. Whether you want one single colour incorporated into the frame or contrasting finishes applied to the interior and exterior. The capability of a textured woodgrain and smooth surface finish will also give you so much to choose from.

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UPVC Colours
coloured upvc windows

UPVC Colours

Classic UPVC windows offer a wealth of flexibility when it comes to colour choice. Advanced paint application process allows for even the most eccentric and unconventional colours to be produced. UPVC are available in classic colours options of White, Cream and Whitegrain or contemporary favourites such as Black, Irish Oak and Grey provide something a little bit different.

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Aluminium Colours
aluminium windows

Aluminium Colours

The Contemporary Aluminium is achievable through an intense 11-stage powder coating process which makes it both look and feel like the real thing. We have Contemporary Aluminium colours such as Rosewood, Oak and Walnut to choose from.

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Heritage Colours
upvc wood style windows

Heritage Colours

The feel of a Traditional 19th Century timber window has an inimitable charm that many homeowners aspire to incorporate into their abode. We’ve made dreams a reality with our Heritage range, these timber alternative windows are available in finishes such as Clotted Cream, Cotswold Biscuit and Painswick.

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From traditional UPVC windows to modern aluminium windows – we have a great choice!
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