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Edwardian conservatory with a solid tiled roof

Solid tiled roofs are the new way to bring a conservatory back to life. They can be added to any style of conservatory and look like part of your home.  Choose from a range of solid roof designs for any new or existing conservatories or orangeries.

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Product Range
solid roof conservatory

Replacement Solid Roofs in Nottingham & Derby

Replacement solid roofs are capable of doing an amazing job and can be specifically tailor-made to suit a Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To or Gable conservatory design that needs layering. A solid roof can give existing conservatories a new leaf of life and revitalise them. Creating a bespoke Solid Warm Roof can be compatible with virtually any shape or size of a conservatory.

solid roof for existing conservatory

Conservatories with Solid Roofs

A Solid Warm Roof is usually specified for a new-build and existing conservatories which are equally as effective polycarbonate or glass roof. A Warm Roof can be crafted and fitted quickly and also its effective performance, is a principle reason why it’s frequently chosen by conservatory owners.

solid roofs for new and existing conservatories

Orangeries with Solid Roofs.

A new or existing orangery can incorporate a Solid Roof. Adding a Warm Solid Roof to your orangery will allow you to benefit from a more relaxing and more inviting atmosphere.

solid roof extensions and conservatories

An obvious choice of tiling system...

The Warm Roof is principally utilised for conservatories and orangeries, but due to it being so flexible you can use it as an economical and expedient method for the building of a conventional home extension, in preference to the standard solid roof.

solid roof for existing conservator or orangery

Porches with Solid Roofs

Make a grand entrance to your home by building a large or small porch and incorporating a tailor-made Warm Roof. Depending on the size of the porch will affect how quickly a Warm Roof can be fitted, but in most cases it can be up and running within just a few hours and ready for daily usage.

Features & Benefits
solid roof Easy installation on new and existing conservatories

The Benefits of a Solid Roof

Solid Roofs are crafted using rigid insulation board and insulated plywood. One of its very many benefits is it thermal efficiency and its inherent ability to restrict heat loss so, that the area sustains a comfortable temperature and remains useable at all times.

Solid Feel
Solid roofs for conservatories and orangeries

The essential qualities of a Warm Roof...

Adding a Solid Roof helps to generate an atmosphere that any polycarbonate or glass roof will struggle to replicate. You can expect a cosy surround that feels welcoming and full of vibrancy.

Solid Look
New or existing conservatories with solid roof

The Benefits of a Solid Roof

The lightweight tiles on the Solid Roof have been created to replicate the tiles on the roof of your property. You will find it hard to notice any aesthetic difference between the tiles.

Simple Fit
insulated solid roof for new or existing conservatory

All the essential qualities of a Warm Roof are too numerous to mention...

It is quick and easy install a Warm Roof this is achieved by carrying out a considerable amount of pre-fabrication of the Solid Roof to make its application a simple and a less time consuming process, meaning there’s less disruption in your home.

Internal Finishes
Internal Finishes
solid roof windows on a new or existing conservatory

What finish for your Warm Solid Roof...

The majority of Warm Roofs come finished in plasterboard, this is because they are easy to paint and modernistic and the modest outlook that’s impossible to dislike.

Roof Windows
Roof Windows
solid roof with windows

Add Windows to your Solid Tiled Roof...

The loss of natural sunlight is a consequence of adding a Warm Roof. However, this can be overcome by adding one or more roof windows to help drive it into the necessary space in addition to any light that filters through any windows and doors. Roof windows will help ventilate the space which you will be particularly thankful for on those hot summer days when you don’t want to sacrifice spending time in the conservatory.

Roof Tiles Options
Tiled solid roofs for new or existing conervatories

Our tiling solutions possess three essential qualities; strength, durability and toughness...

When choosing a Warm Roof you have two options; a lightweight tile and a lightweight slate, both of these are completely weather-resistant. The tiles are available in the choice of five colour options, the slate is nearly identical to traditional slate, boasting a similar visual appearance.

Lightweight Tile
Tiled solid roof conservatory

Lightweight Tiles offering strength, durability and toughness...

The lightweight tiles fitted differently compared to the real thing,  but that doesn’t make them any less effective in terms of performance. The dainty feel makes them easy to install and their flexibility means that they can be utilised in all forms of home extension. The colour options range from green and charcoal, to ebony and red.

Lightweight Slate
slate solid roof for conservatory or orangery

Lightweight Slate offers strength, durability and toughness...

Over time traditional slate cracks and weakens which can have a considerable effect on its performance. Whereas, with our lightweight slate it doesn’t suffer with this over the course of its lifespan and yet when placed side-by-side real slate it offers virtually no difference in appearances. It is available 20 separate colour variations including plum, grey, brick red, pewter grey and stone black.

Tile Colours
Tile Colours

Tiled roofing is supplied in a diverse variety of colours…

We can effortlessly colour co-ordinate the roof of your conservatory and the roof of your home with our five tiled roof colour options. Just as with stone-coated steel, you can expect a lightweight tile that provides exceptional performance.

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