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Orangeries featuring french doors...

Georgian windows benefit from Georgian style bars, double or triple glazing & come in a range of colours – giving your orangery a classic look with the benefits of modern technology. The georgian bars can be placed in any proportion of the window creating an attractive and practical way to enhance the look of your orangery. Adding french doors to your orangery will also an ideal alternative to patio doors and provide a stylish way to open up your orangery to your garden and patio area.

conservatory design planning

Planning permission & building regulations may need to be met...

Should your orangery be subject to Planning Permission & Building regulations then we will make the appropriate arrangements with the local authority beforehand. There is of course the possibility that such requirements may already be satisfied but it of course makes sense to check first before proceeding any further. Our Planning Factsheet can be downloaded and will provide you with more information.

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Door Options
orangery with bi fold doors and glass roof

Open up your orangery to the outside world...

There are many different door solutions for orangeries and your choice should be based on how you intend on utilising the extension and how it will interlink with other areas of the home. Double French Doors, Sliding Patio Doors and Bi-Folding Doors all operate in different ways and equally also have their own individual assets. But what they all have in common is an ability to keep your home and your family protected at all times when securely fastened.

Bi-Folding Doors
full glass roof orangery with bi fold doors

Open up your orangery to the outside world...

Assimilated into an orangery design, a set of Bi-Folding Doors will be the focal point that immediately captures the imagination of those who view the extension. The folding motion of the doors means that they can be operated in countless different configurations presenting you with various methods of ventilating the space and opening it out to the exterior.

Patio Doors
patio doors with double glazing

Open up your orangery to the outside world...

Patio Doors aren’t limited by any spacial limitations as they can be implemented into most available openings so they should be a definite consideration where internal and external space is compromised. As they slide open, rather than inwardly and outwardly, they completely eliminate any risk of extreme weather blowing them open unwittingly preventing any external damage from occurring. The expanse of glass will also help entice natural light into the home.

French Doors
french doors with double glazing

Open up your orangery to the outside world...

Operated in a similar fashion to the traditional single door, French Doors differ in so far as they induce double the amount of natural sunlight and double the amount of ventilation when both doors are left ajar, ideal during hot periods of the year. Most people utilise them as a way of gaining access to a patio or decked area, but they can also be exploited as a means of connecting internal areas of the house.

Frame Options
upvc windows and doors

Your choice of sculptured frame can give it a modern or antiquated look

Window and door systems are varying in numbers and in terms of appearance so therefore some will suit certain types of orangery design more so than others. They’re each clearly defined by the dimensions and contours that run through the window and door frame which though you may feel are insignificant, can have a substantial influence on the finished article.

upvc windows

Your choice of sculptured frame can give it a modern or antiquated look

It’s easily understandable why so many people choose to incorporate UPVC into their orangery design as it’s inexpensive, highly energy efficient and needs little or no looking after. Because it’s a highly flexible material, it can easily be shaped and moulded for even the most intricate and complex arrangement such as those intending to include gable endings.

aluminium windows

Your choice of sculptured frame can give it a modern or antiquated look

For an orangery that’s bang on trend, incorporating aluminium into the orangery will result in an extension befitting of the present day home. It has a sleekness and minimalism about it that screams elegance and is capable of accommodating even the largest panes of glass, the result of which is a bright and lively atmosphere for large parts of the day.

wood style windows

Your choice of sculptured frame can give it a modern or antiquated look

Heritage windows have been meticulously crafted to exactly replicate the flush sash 19th century window which when included in the construction of an orangery give it the aged, yet contemporary appeal that so many householders crave. For added authenticity, an extensive range of traditional hardware has also been produced incorporating items such as peg stays, butt hinges and monkey tail handles.

Roof Options
glass roof conservatory

Relaxing in your orangery should be an uplifting experience...

Prepare to be left spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a glass glazed roof for your orangery as there are three varieties to pick from; the modest and assuming Classic Roof, the flamboyant and colourful Cornice Roof, and the plush and rich Lantern Roof. The latter tends to be the favoured option for those needing a traditional look and feel, while the other two selections fit in particularly well at the contemporary household.


Classic Roof
classic roof orangery with bi fold doors

Relaxing in your orangery should be an uplifting experience...

For the largest viable glass area selecting a Classic Roof will facilitate such demand. Its straightforward design allows it to be integrated into most orangery designs, no matter what their shape or size as has been proven countless times in thousands of installations over the years. Polycarbonate can be incorporated into the roof if stipulated, but a glass roof tends to be the preferred option for most people.

Cornice Roof
upvc conservatory roof

Relaxing in your orangery should be an uplifting experience...

Looking to take your roof up another notch? The external cornice differentiates this elegant roofing system from the Classic Roof and will give an orangery an additional feature complementary to the brickwork walls and everything else included in the design, aided by a choice of specially fashioned cornice colours. No orangery installation can be deemed complete without their presence.

Lantern Roof
lantern roof orangery and conservatory

Relaxing in your orangery should be an uplifting experience...

The lantern roof, also identifiable as an atrium roof, was an ever-present feature of the traditional orangery at the time of its inception and though decidedly different looking nowadays, modern technology has enabled to progress their advancement in design for contemporary means. Fitted upon the orangery structure to the exact right dimensions, beneficiaries of the extension can revel in the most wonderful views above themselves whilst sat comfortably inside.

Colours and woodgrains
coloured windows

Prepare to be spoilt for choice with our orangery colour range...

You want your orangery to look at ease with the rest of your home which is achievable by selecting a suitable finish complementary to everything else you have. Just as you have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing the windows, doors and roof you have fitted, you will benefit from a plethora of colour, with each finish capable of giving your extension a very different and varied character. For a timber-style effect, check out our woodgrain finishes too.

UPVC Colours
coloured upvc windows

UPVC Colours

Virtually any colour can be applied to UPVC thanks to the specially developed paint application process it goes through. As well as your standard finishes such as White, Cream, Whitegrain and Chartwell Green, contemporary shades such as Irish Oak, Black and Grey can also be fashioned with equal aplomb.

Aluminium Colours
conservatory with aluminium frame

Aluminium Colours

The finish applied to contemporary aluminium is so enduring because of the strictly abided 11-stage powder coating process which gives it that quality and authentic effect. Our woodgrain finishes are achieved via a unique alternative method called sublimation that produces the Walnut, Oak and Rosewood finishes that people seem to love so dearly and it isn’t surprising when you see how closely they resemble real wood.

Heritage Colours
upvc wood style windows

Heritage Colours

Traditional timber windows were so distinctive as they were physically stained and painted prior to their installation. The only problem being that they would require regular upkeep to maintain their appearance which is something that Heritage paint colours don’t require. Our Heritage range encompasses an outstanding selection of classic finishes including Clotted Cream, Cotswold Biscuit, Painswick, mixed in with contemporary offerings such as Corse Lawn and Eclectic Grey, not to mention English, Irish and Silvered Oak.

Buying Guide
orangeries with bi fold doors and lantern roof

Finding the perfect orangery requires careful consideration...

Before you go-ahead with the installation of an orangery you need to fully communicate with your design consultant to ensure you get the home extension you’ve always dreamed of. Their expertise will prove an invaluable guide to getting the perfect orangery. Here are some useful pointers.

orangeries with bi fold doors


The positioning of the orangery needs to be decided at the earliest stage as it will determine when and from where natural sunlight will filter its way through to the structure. Those who prefer to wake up to a bright extension are best opting for a north or east facing site as this is the time of day when it will receive the greatest amount of sunlight. South or west facing extensions tend to attract sunlight later in the day, usually at the backend of the afternoon or early evening. Your design consultant will be on hand to assist.

bespoke orangeries designed for you


You should only settle on a size and style of design once you have determined the functionality of the extension as this will obviously have a strong influence on what’s the best solution. If an abundance of floor space is the fundamental goal then a square of rectangular shape will best suffice in preference to a 5-fronted Victorian offering. There is also a wide selection of additional mod-cons that can be integrated into the finished design such as speakers, Wi-Fi or mounted spotlights.

bespoke orangery custom designed


Accessorising a conservatory can it give it that extra something and there are so many additional options to consider once the final design has been settled upon. Fans and heaters will further safeguard the comfort of your extension throughout the year and should be implemented into the overall cost.

free quotation on windows, doors and conservatories


It’s very rare that two orangeries of a similar ilk will be within a similar price range as the majority are crafted bespoke which means that suppliers utilise dissimilar materials and constituents. The guarantee that two companies provide may also be in contrast to one another, the same goes for any accreditations they might hold. Buying cheap could come back to haunt you in the future as quality tells so make your choices wisely.

orangeries with guarantee


It isn’t unreasonable for you to expect any investment into an orangery to provide you with long-term benefits and value for money throughout its entire lifespan. However, from time to time, there may be a need to make small remedial adjustments to the structure to protect its lifecycle so it pays to carefully examine any guarantee given with the product to ensure that such work is accounted for under any agreement made. Knowing that it is from the very beginning will give you assured peace of mind.


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