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Conservatory interior ideas

Searching for conservatory ideas? Filled with light a conservatory is the perfect way to add space and value to your home.

It’s a room designed mostly for relaxation, but is often used to entertain family and friends. It is where you can make the most of the early morning sun or draw down the conservatory blinds at night and relax with the family.

No longer the draughty, single-glazed flimsy constructions that were freezing in the winter and too hot in the summer, modern conservatories are superbly insulated, secure and come in a huge range of designs.

Whether you dream of a beautiful loggia conservatory with stunning bifold doors that open up you home into the garden, or a traditional Victorian conservatory enabling you to find your own space, we have ideas to help you design the perfect interior just the way you want it.

While designing and building a conservatory may seem like a daunting task – it doesn’t have to be. At Trent Valley Windows we will make the process easy and stress free, leaving you to create an interior for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are a few interior ideas, to help you get the right décor and furniture to suit your personal style and taste.

golden oak conservatory with upvc windows and doors

You will be able to make a better decision and have a better understanding of styles and interiors after a visit to see your local dealer. Visit one of our showrooms, Derby, Chesterfield or Nottingham

modern orangery with french doors

Planning a conservatory or an orangery? Things to consider…

Planning your conservatory

With a wide range of conservatory types available, make sure you carefully look at all your options and go through all your ideas and planning with your advisor. This can help you decide on the one that fits best with your home and suits your needs.

Here are somethings to consider whilst choosing your conservatory or orangery.


When deciding on the size of your new conservatory, make sure you’ll have enough space to enjoy it and enough space to make sure you can fit in any furniture you have in mind. A good tip is to mark out in the garden area to get an idea of space.


How much direct sunlight will your conservatory receive and at what time of the day? This could have a bearing on your choice of building location and the type of conservatory and roof system you choose. It could also impact on the glazing you use.

Materials – general

At Trent Valley Windows we offer a large range of frames, glazing and roof systems for all conservatories. We can help you choose the right one for your conservatory.

Your also need to think about the interior and the mood you want to create. Some people like the ‘outdoor’ feel with tiled floors, patio-type furniture and bare brick or stone for the house wall; others prefer an ‘indoor’ character with carpeting, soft furnishings and wall coverings.

Materials – frame – Glazing

Aluminium, with thermal breaks for enhanced heat insulation, is a popular choice and is available in a range of colours and finishes.

Double glazing is a must nowadays to keep a conservatory comfortable all year round.

Low maintenance, long lasting UPVC is the automatic choice because of its affordability, classic style and thermal energy efficiency. It also comes in a range wood grain effect finishes in many colours.

You also have the aluminium and heritage ranges for a more contemporary or heritage look.


There are three main choices of roofing – glass, polycarbonate or sold roof

Glass gives you a clear view through the roof for you to fully appreciate the views of the ever-changing skies above your conservatory or orangery.

Polycarbonate has long been a popular choice for many homeowners. It comes in several shades and its polycarbonate sheets help maintain a comfortable room temperature regardless of the weather.

Solid Roof

A solid rood is a different proposition altogether. Obviously with a solid roof you miss out on the sky views and a lot of natural light, but the external and interior feel cannot be match. A solid roof will keep you conservatory or orangery warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Ventilation is important. You need to be sure that your conservatory will let in fresh air and avoid condensation. Our conservatory are built with specific materials that are carefully created with building ventilation technology and our roofs have many ventilation options.

Function & Accessories

Think about the need the facilities such as plug sockets, switches, lighting etc and where your furniture will go. Also think about heating, fans and flooring and get a quote for all this at the same time.

Planning your new conservatory or orangery together with us will help you address all the main design considerations and more. We can help you everything from design, planning, build and we guarantee to guide you through the whole process as part of our service.

The honest advice you will be given by West Yorkshire Windows is based on many years of experience and thousands of installations. Our no-obligation design and quotation service, is provided free of charge.

Looking for a quote? Then get in touch today.



Download a brochure or call into one of our showrooms in Derby, Chesterfield& Nottingham

Condensation & Causes

Condensation is defined as the physical process by which a gas or vapour changes into a liquid. If the temperature of an object (e.g. grass, metal, glass) falls below what is known as the ‘dew point’ temperature for a given relative humidity of the surrounding air, water vapour from the atmosphere condenses into water droplets on its surface.

This ‘dew point’ varies according to the amount of water in the atmosphere and air temperature (known as relative humidity). In humid conditions condensation occurs at higher temperatures. In cold conditions condensation occurs despite relatively low humidity. With regard to windows and doors, it is the difference in temperature between the internal and external environment, and the glass, that causes condensation to form.

When attempting to reduce the degree of condensation it is important to note on which surface of the glass it forms; its location indicates the cause, and so points to the solution.

Condensation forms on the outside surface of glass when its temperature drops below the outdoor dew point temperature. Windows manufactured with a double or triple glazed unit containing energy efficient low-emissivity glass have enhanced thermal insulation properties thanks to a high performance transparent coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room.

As a result the outer pane of glass does not get warmed by heat escaping from inside the building through the glass and remains cooler in comparison to less thermally efficient windows.

External condensation only occurs in certain climatic conditions – a variable combination of high relative humidity and clear cold conditions normally experienced in spring and autumn.

Newly constructed conservatories need an initial “drying out” period. Many hundreds of litres of water are used during its construction. In the winter it will take longer to dry out. Provide natural ventilation whenever possible.

Multiwall polycarbonate

Condensation sometimes occurs inside the chambers of polycarbonate sheets. This is not a fault or leek but is due to the product being slightly permeable to gas and water vapour.

Condensation can only ever be minimised and never eradicated.

difference between conservatory and orangery

What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Here at Trent Valley Windows, we get asked this a lot! Hopefully this will clear things up.

Your neighbour might be getting a new extension and used the terms ‘orangery’ and ‘conservatory’. Whilst everyone knows what a conservatory is, there is some confusion to what exactly an orangery is.

What is an Orangery?

The term Orangery was originally thought of in Italy and then this was formed in Holland. These buildings were seen as an extension for the wealthy.

Anyway, enough of the history, the main way to tell the difference between a conservatory and an orangery is:

  • An orangery has brick pillars from the floor to roof
  • A conservatory has no continuous brick from floor to roof

Simple? Exactly.

Just a few more details to clarify exactly what the difference is:

An orangery tends to:

  • Have a parapet
  • Have brick built pillars
  • Have less glass in comparison to a conservatory
  • Compliment the house in tone and colour of materials used
  • Be a more extravagant extension to the house

A conservatory tends to:

  • Be mainly made of glass in structure
  • Often have dwarf walls or one solid wall, depending on Building Regulations
  • Have a full glass roof
  • Compliment the house using the same brick colour and uPVC or wood to match the windows
  • Be a room that brings the outside in, bringing you closer to your garden

Hopefully this clears up what each of these types of extension are and what the differences

Now you can impress down the pub with your new terminology, or even nick that extra point on the pub quiz – it does get asked!

Are you looking for a new orangery or conservatory?

Trent Valley Windows provide a full range of fully custom conservatories, modern orangeries, traditional orangeries and more. All fitted with energy efficient with UPVC double glazed windows, or even triple glazed windows, aluminium windows and heritage windows that are suitable for conservation areas.

Visit one of our showrooms in Nottingham or Derby

Book your own appointment online now – call us on 0800 026 4455 or complete the form below:

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Problems With Your Doors?

Problems with your doors?

Due to the extreme high temperatures today and over the next few days, you may experience some difficulties opening, closing & locking your doors. This is due to the natural expansion of the uPVC, we would advise to wait till the door cools once the sun has moved and attempt to open, close and/or lock. Adjustments will not solve the problem.

If you need to secure your property we suggest you try to cool the uPVC frame with water.



Handy Guide To Home Improvements

Handy Guide to Home Improvements

Sainsbury’s Bank have kindly shared their guide to improving your home with us.

It includes tips to improve the look of your home, how to create more space and also how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

As you can see updating your windows with A rated windows can provide an annual saving of up to £160 on your energy bills.

Here at Trent Valley we quote A rated windows as standard.

Click here to download the complete guide


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Experienced conservatory surveyor required

Experienced conservatory surveyor required

After working with us for many years our conservatory surveyor is retiring. So we’re looking for a new part time qualified conservatory surveyor.

We cover all areas of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire and some areas of North Leicestershire.

For more details or to express an interest contact our operations manager at or call 0115 959 8000.

Bi Fold Doors Nottingham

Aluminium Bi Fold Doors Nottingham

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors: The Ideal Nottingham Home Improvement

Aluminium bi-fold doors are perfect for creating a seamless connection to your garden, bringing natural light and spaciousness to your home. These state of the art folding doors are among the most sought after home improvements in Nottingham, being requested by homeowners throughout the area.

They open up your property with a stunning wall of glass which folds back to reveal an unobstructed opening space, uniting your home and garden. At Trent Valley, we offer a range of aluminium bi-fold doors to our Nottingham customers, enabling you to find the perfect match for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Read on to find out more about these spectacular home improvements.Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Nottingham

Outstanding Thermal Performance from Our Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

We work with a number of market leading manufacturers to ensure our customers benefit from the highest quality bi-folding doors available, ensuring you only benefit from the very best.

Our state of the art sliding doors offer premium standards of performance and design. This includes the energy efficiency, as our aluminium bi-fold doors are specifically engineered to protect your home from the cold.

These impressive double glazed doors feature the latest innovations in thermal technology, incorporating a polyamide thermal break to minimise heat transfer.

This design works to trap heat within your home and block cold air out, keeping your property warmer for longer. This is superb for the environment, and could even help with your property’s EPC rating, making your property more appealing should you wish to sell in the future.

Unrivalled Security with Modern Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Any entrance to your Nottingham home needs to be secure and capable of withstanding the determination of potential intruders.
Our bi-folding doors are a superb choice for a sliding door that excels in home protection.

The aluminium profile is naturally strong and tough, making it incredibly difficult to break. This is coupled with our state of the art locking mechanisms, ensuring your home and family will be safe and secure when you choose these doors for your home improvements.Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Nottingham

Sustainable Living with Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Nottingham

There are countless benefits of choosing our amazing aluminium bi-fold doors, including the environmentally friendly qualities they offer.
You can enjoy fully sustainable home improvements when you choose these fantastic sliding doors, offering an eco-friendly design.

They are great for your carbon footprint, ensuring that fewer emissions escape your home. As they are made in the UK, there are fewer manufacturing miles too.

On top of this, aluminium is fully recyclable, and can actually be repurposed time and time again without ever losing its beauty or performance. Aluminium is a completely sustainable material, making these double glazed doors the perfect choice for any homeowner.

Create Accessibility in Your Nottingham Home with Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

When you choose to have our aluminium bi-fold doors installed, one of the options we give you is a selection of threshold heights. You can select a standard entrance, or choose an ultra low threshold for completely seamless entry to the outdoors.

Our low thresholds are superb for wheelchair access, making your outside area fully accessible. They are even Part M compliant under Building Regulations, causing them to be popular with families who have young children, as they offer less of a trip hazard and buggies can easily go in and out.Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Nottingham

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Tailored to You

When you choose your aluminium bi-fold doors from Trent Valley, you will be given a wealth of customisation options.
To begin with, our aluminium doors are fabricated to meet your every requirement.

For personalised style, you can’t beat aluminium, as these doors come in a vast range of colour finishes. Any shade in your imagination is possible with our extensive palette of RAL colours and you can even opt for dual colours for ultimate individuality.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices in Nottingham

We offer a range of aluminium bi-fold doors prices in Nottingham so that you can find the right costs to meet your home improvements budget.
Visit our online quoting engine to create a quote based on your specifications. It’s easy to use and takes just a matter of minutes.

If you prefer, you can get in touch with our expert team who will give you all the advice and guidance you require. We’ll always be on hand to help you/

loggia conservatories

Front Doors Nottingham

Add Curb Appeal with our Nottingham Front Doors

You can add curb appeal to your Nottingham home with front doors from Trent Valley Windows. Our beautiful collection of front doors is specifically chosen to enhance the aesthetics of your property and create a welcoming entrance for your guests.

These impressive doors are also fantastic for thermal performance, as well as security, providing you with an entrance that will protect you from the weather and from potential intruders.

Here at Trent Valley Windows, we pride ourselves on the quality of our double glazing installations, and our front doors meet the very highest standards.

Transform your home and enhance its character with stunning front doors in Nottingham.

front doors Nottingham

A Choice of Front Doors in Nottingham

When you come to Trent Valley Windows, you benefit from a choice of front doors for your home improvements. We offer a fantastic range of uPVC residential doors as well as our incredible composite front doors.

Our guide to front doors is here to give you inspiration for your Nottingham home improvements, so discover the benefits and features you can expect from these stunning entrances.

Front Doors – The uPVC Collection

Our uPVC front doors are designed and manufactured by Liniar, the industry leaders. The Liniar brand is renowned for premium quality, incredible thermal performance, and fantastic designs.

Every uPVC front door from our Liniar range achieves the very highest performance standards in all areas.

These doors come in a range of panel designs which can be tailored to your tastes with options such as colour finishes, woodgrain foils and decorative glazing.

The multi-chambered profile creates a thermal barrier, which ensures that cold air cannot enter your property and heat loss is minimised. These impressive double glazed doors can achieve an energy rating of ‘A’ for their thermal performance.

The Liniar front door will help to keep your Nottingham home warmer for longer, which helps lower your energy bills.

When it comes to security, our uPVC doors are second to none, and in fact, Liniar doors achieve the coveted Secured by Design accreditation, which ultimately gives you peace of mind in the protection they offer for your home.

These front doors have been rigorously tested to the highest standards, that ensures unrivalled security.

Our Liniar front doors offer a cost effective double glazing solution which will make a charming and lovely entrance to your Nottingham property.

Front Doors Nottingham

Composite Front Doors in Nottingham

Homeowners are discovering the benefits and incredible performance offered by composite doors in Nottingham.

The addition of composite residential doors makes an ideal replacement for traditional timber, as they offer all the beauty and elegance of wood, in combination with all of the technology and innovation of uPVC.

Our composite front doors are low maintenance too. Enjoy the authentic appearance of timber, with none of the costly and time-consuming upkeep. Nor will these doors split or rot due to the weather, as they are completely weather proof and precision engineered to offer years of operation beyond expectations.

Our composite doors have a solid core covered by a glass reinforced plastic overlay. This ensures that they are hard wearing and durable, as well as sturdy and strong.

These doors are ideal for security, as they are virtually indestructible, which coupled with our advanced locking systems, ensures excellent home protection.

Our composite front doors are designed to ignite amazing levels of insulation in your home while keeping out the cold and noise pollution. Enjoy a more relaxing and cost-effective living space.

On top of that, these front doors come in a range of designs to reflect your style, all of which can be customised to be your perfect match.front doors nottingham

Guaranteed Front Doors in Nottingham

Our front doors at Trent Valley Windows come with a ten year’s guarantee for your peace of mind.

These stunning double glazed doors are designed to offer many years of fantastic performance and aesthetics with minimal input.

A stylish new front door for your Nottingham home refreshes its appearance while complementing the architecture.

Front Door Prices in Nottingham

Front door prices in Nottingham from Trent Valley Windows offer great value for money. With so many options and features available, we are sure to have the perfect match for your tastes and your budget.

Access a free, tailored quote in an instant with our online quoting engine. Simply enter your choices and our clever system will create a guide price personalised to you.

If you prefer, our friendly team are happy to talk you through your requirements. Get in touch for our expert advice and guidance.

Things to consider when buying a conservatory

Things to consider when buying a conservatory

Considering a conservatory? Let Trent Valley design a beautiful glazed extension for you

Looking for more space? Our expert gives some pointers on what decisions you need to make. 

There are a number of classic Conservatory options with traditional shapes like P shape, T shape, Victorian, Edwardian and Orangery. Most people opt for a simple rectangular Edwardian style which creates a very useable room space.

All our conservatories are bespoke designed for you so you can pretty much have anything you want.

Things to consider
What do you want to use the conservatory for?

  • If it’s a dining room, often you will be using it to dine in the evening so the conservatory will need to have adequate lighting.
  • If it’s an additional sitting room are you planning on using existing furniture and do you want walls or window sills to dress?

Remember it’s probably more important to get the internal look & feel right as that’s the part you’re looking at when using your new conservatory. You very rarely spend time admiring your conservatory from the garden, although we guarantee a bespoke conservatory design by one of experts will look fabulous inside & out.

Your flooring & heating choices go hand in hand, if you’re thinking about underfloor heating this works best with a tiled floor as they hold the heat better than a carpet or laminate.

Other heating options include free standing or integrated heaters. Remember any extension to your central heating system will trigger building regulation requirements.

Making your conservatory a useable space year round

One of the most common complaints about old conservatories was that they were only comfortable to use for ½ the year; on sunny days the room becomes far too hot and in the depths of winter it’s far too cold.

With design and technology improvements in recent years we can build a conservatory that is as thermally efficient as a traditional single storey extension.

Keeping the room warm:

  • Much of the heat loss from a conservatory comes from the roof ridge by adding a ridge surfboard it can help to reduce heat loss – ask your sales advisor about the Livin Light which also allows a new range of lighting designs for your extension.
  • Underfloor heating can provide cost efficient heating and can be climate controlled with touch screen heating thermostats.
  • At Trent Valley we use glass from the Pilkington Activ™ range, the range includes reflective and insulating glass. Which type of glass we use will be dependent on the aspect of your conservatory in relation to the sun.

Keeping the room cool:

  • Heat reflective glass. There is a brand new self-cleaning glass available from Pilkington for your roof called Activ Sunshade™ which reflects 80% of the suns’ heat, keeping your room cool on hot sunny days. The double glazed unit outer pane reflects the solar heat and the inner KS pane insulates the room to stop heat escaping.
  • Ventilation. The type of ventilation needed is specific to each conservatory, based on many considerations such as size, shape and aspect. The Ultraframe roof system we use at Trent Valley offers eavesflow ventilation and trickle ventilation in the ridge.
  • A tiled floor can also help to keep your room nice and cool on a hot summer’s day.

Added extra’s that give your new conservatory the wow factor

Add a ceiling pelmet, an insulated pelmet which transforms the inside of your conservatory into an orangery style extension. This real room feel means more styling and furnishing options and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lights.

Carefully chosen colours can transform the look of your new conservatory, we offer a wide range of standard & bespoke colours, ask your sales advisor for details.

Make the floor a feature with some stunning porcelain tiles. Now available in ceramic, mosaic, stone and wood effects many have matching outdoor tiles to run the floor seamlessly from a conservatory onto a patio.

Corniche guttering will hide the external guttering giving the conservatory a better cosmetic finish.

Create a beautiful panoramic effect with full width bi-folding patio doors to open up your new conservatory into the garden.

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