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Cream conservatory - A stylish classic look

As part of Trent Valley Windows conservatory range we have cream conservatories for a stunning classic look. We feel this popular conservatory choice is one that can be added to any home and become a conservatory that is a living space to be used time and time again. A with all our bespoke conservatories we use the best upvc  products and every conservatory comes with double glazing as standard. A new conservatory is just what a lot on homes need to give them the homely feel desired by all. With great cream conservatory deals speak to one of our experienced representatives, or if your looking for a free quote on any of our conservatories, feel free to contact us today.

Classic cream conservatories to suit every home

Door Options
conservatory with Bi fold doors

Create an elegant entrance to your conservatory...

Fitting a set of doors to your conservatory can give it a new appearance. At Trent Valley Windows in Nottingham and Derby we give you the option to add swing, fold or slide doors to your conservatory. Expect only the best security and smooth and easy operation.

Bi-Folding Doors
conservatory with bi folding doors

Bi-Folding Doors in Nottingham & Derby

Stunning, striking and sophisticated Bi-Folding doors take your home to a whole new level and enable you to completely open out your home to the outside world in a way you never could never imagine. Bring the outdoors in with Bi-Folding doors whilst maintaining on-trend visual appeal that every modern residence aspires to.

Patio Doors
patio doors conservatory

Patio Doors in Nottingham & Derby

A convenient way to up your conservatory to the outside world whilst maintaining home security. Choosing patio doors for your conservatory is a great low maintenance door without comprising on quality.

French Doors
orangery with pataio doors

French Doors in Nottingham & Derby

Fitting French Doors to your conservatory will give your home a continental flavour allowing more sunlight and ventilation than a traditional front or back door due to its unique opening. French doors are a unique way of connecting together internal and external locations. They are a priceless addition for those social get-togethers.

Frame Options
cream conservtory

Make your conservatory stand-out...

The window and door frame you choose will give your conservatory a personality of it own and will make your home extension stand-out from any other in the neighbourhood. The choice of frame has strong bearing on its individuality.

upvc windows

UPVC in Nottingham & Derby

UPVC frames are popular with the modern homeowner because of its infinite assets. Once fitted the enduring material needs virtually no care and attention throughout the duration of its extensive lifespan. The thermal efficiency of UPVC allows you to retain heat generated from sunlight and reduces the need for dependency on central heating. Due to it’s flexibility, it can be moulded and sculptured into many different forms.

aluminium windows


Aluminium is often referred to as durable and tough. Its sleekness enables a significant glass area to be integrated within it meaning enhanced views, a warmer atmosphere and energy efficiency of the very highest order.

wood style windows

Heritage Design

It looks and feels like timber. This frame can easily be mistaken for wood with the meticulous detail and intricacy put into Heritage frames. The frame recreates its artistry in design and unites it with all the key features of a 21st Century equivalent i.e. low maintenance, strong, highly energy efficient.

Roof Options
Bespoke cream conservatory with glass roof

The roof plays an integral role in comfortable living...

Having the correct roof fitted to your conservatory is just as important as design and colour. Each of our roof option offers something completely different and will fit beautifully with any windows and doors.

conservatory roof

Polycarbonate Roofs in Nottingham & Derby

The polycarbonate roof has all the vital credentials needed of a reliable conservatory roof. This has been proved time and time again, hence why even to this day it remains a favourite amongst homeowners. Whatever the weather, the clear, opal or bronze 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate sheets will safeguard the temperature of the extension so that conservatory living can be savoured 24/7.

conservatory roof

Glass Roofs in Nottingham & Derby

A glass roof allows you to get a crystal clear view of the skies above. The roof has the resistance required to reduce the noisiness of heavy rain and hail, so that you can relax peacefully, it also offers a very welcome level of solar control. At Trent Valley Windows’ we even have self-cleaning glass available that will do the job for you and remain in pristine condition this is especially useful if access to the area is limited or difficult.

Solid Roof
solid roof conservatory

Solid Roofs in Nottingham & Derby

A solid roof brings a heightened level of privacy to your conservatory and you can encourage light by integrating spotlights or implementing roof windows. To keep your home and extension complementary to one another, choose matching roof tiles for that perfect finishing touch.

Buying Guide
large cream conservatory

Finding the perfect conservatory in Nottingham & Derby...

Investing in having a conservatory fitted to your home is an opportunity that needs to be relished and enjoyed from start to finish. Planning is key so, you need to make sure you’re fully up to speed on all the necessary obligations and contemplations. Luckily, when you choose Trent Valley Windows you’re in safe hands. All of our design consultants know how to make the buying process as stress free as possible.

garden conservatory


The position of the conservatory is the paramount of importance as it will establish which glazing specification best suits. A conservatory facing north or east will attract the sunshine in the early hours of the day, but will become cooler as the day progresses. Whereas, conservatories placed in direct proximity to the south or west usually entice solar gain in the afternoons and evenings.

new living space


There are many ways you can utilise a conservatory in your home, but you need to decide the primary use of your conservatory at the earliest stage because a suitable style, size, specification and layout will need to be sourced to accommodate your ideas. We recommend a square or rectangular extension to maximise floor space, but we can always create your own bespoke design.

conservatory fan


When you’re happy with the final conservatory design, then it’s time to consider what other essentials are necessary. Call upon your design consultant for a helping hand.

bespoke conservatory design


Home improvement companies use different suppliers to source their materials. The materials needed may be of a varying quality which can result in a massive price difference. Remember buying cheap doesn’t always turn out to be the better value for money that you were expecting.

conservatory offer


Checking the terms of guarantee for any investment is essential for added peace of mind. You want and expect your conservatory to endure the test of time. .

conservatory design planning

Your conservatory may be subject to planning / building regulations...

If your proposed conservatory installation is subject to Planning Permission & Building Regulations which will deal with such obligations with the relevant local authority on your behalf. However, in some circumstances Planning Permission & Building Regulations will not need to be met. Our downloadable Planning Factsheet will put you more in the loop.

Download Factsheet
Colour Options
Colour Options
coloured conservatories

Stylish colour options to suit every taste...

The diversity of colour available at Trent Valley Windows makes matching your conservatory to your home a simple job. We have all the bases covered with our colour finishes and with each colour guaranteed to give your conservatory an abundance of personality and designer flair.

No matter what design you prefer, our conservatories will go beyond your expectations.
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