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Composite Doors Derby

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Composite Doors Derby

Composite Doors Derby – The Front Door Revolution

Composite doors are fast becoming the most sought after home improvement in Derby. They offer incredible style, combined with the most impressive performance, so that you get a door that looks good and enhances your home in many other ways too.

Here at Trent Valley, we offer the most exceptional composite doors that are designed to offer great insulation, security and long term performance that is completely unrivalled.

Your composite door is designed to reflect your personality and to complement your Derby home, ensuring that you get a welcoming and inviting entrance that you can enjoy year after year.

Our handy guide is here to tell you all about the features and benefits of composite doors to help inspire you with your Derby home improvements. Read on to find out more!

Composite Doors Nottingham Derby

Stylish Front Doors

Our composite doors are one of the most stylish options you could choose for your new Derby front door. They offer all the beauty and tradition of timber combined with the latest innovations in double glazed doors.

Each door is tailored to meet your needs. Our composite doors come in a wide variety of designs to ensure that whether your home is contemporary or classical, we have a door to complement its style.

Where our composite door designs really outclass the competition is in their colour finishes. You have the choice of 15 Renoilt EXOFOL colours. These outstanding foils are designed to offer ultimate protection for your door.

No matter what the weather, they will never fade, blister or peel, giving you endless performance. In fact, the quality of our Renoilt EXOFOL foils is so impressive that they come with a superb 10 year guarantee.

You can be confident that your composite door will look stunning for many years to come.

Insulating Composite Doors

Composite doors are one of the most insulating options for your Derby front door. This fantastic insulation is created thanks to their solid core. It is not only beneficial for energy efficiency, but it will also sound proof your Derby property too.

Choosing a composite door will enhance the thermal performance of your Derby home, ensuring that heat loss is minimised and that cold air is kept outside. No matter how cold the weather gets in Derby, you will be cosy and warm within your home.

This is great for creating a comfortable environment, but it also means that you could need less heating to maintain the comfortable temperature of your home, and so your energy bills will lower!

Composite doors also keep street noise at bay. They are superbly sound proofing, which means you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing home with no intrusion from the world outside.

Composite Doors Nottingham and Derby

Designed for the British Weather

We’ve talked about the colour foils and how they stand up to the British weather, but our composite doors are also designed to ensure that whatever the weather, you are safe and secure in your home.

These spectacular double glazed doors will withstand even the harshest of winter storms. There will be no draughts or leaks and you will be protected from the wind and rain within your Derby property.

Composite doors are incredibly robust and sturdy, ensuring they provide the best weather proofing possible.

Composite Doors Nottingham and Derby

Secure Double Glazed Doors

Choosing a composite door for your Derby home improvements gives you access to exceptional security. The robust construction not only protects you from the weather as discussed above, but it also protects you from potential intruders.

Our composite doors are designed to withstand even the most intense physical attacks. This is then combined with high security, cutting edge locking mechanisms to enhance the security to the most impressive standards.

Your Derby home will be thoroughly protected with a composite door and you can have peace of mind that your family are safe and secure.

composite doors derby and Nottingham

Designed to Last

Composite doors are one of the most long lasting options for home improvements in Derby. They offer a front door that is exceptionally durable, and with the bare minimum of maintenance, they will operate to the highest standards year after year.

Your composite door simply needs the occasional clean to keep it in perfect condition, it really is that easy. They are designed for heavy use and are incredibly robust.

composite doors derby and nottingham

Composite Door Prices Derby

We are sure that your Derby home would benefit from a composite door from Trent Valley, so why not get in touch and find out more? Your front door could be spectacular, completely protecting your home while still providing a stunning welcome to your guests, and all at a cost effective price.

We are so proud of our competitive composite door prices and the value for money they offer, you can even get an instant online quote. Take a look and see how much your Derby composite door could cost.


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