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Which Material is Right for Your Windows?

If you are considering new windows for your property, you might know exactly which material you want, or you might be reviewing your options. Perhaps you just assumed you would replace your existing windows with the same material that’s there now, without giving it much thought. Either way, here’s a handy guide to PVC-U, aluminium and timber windows and where each material is generally best suited.

PVC-U is the most popular choice of material for homeowners buying windows or doors in the UK. As always, there are good examples and bad, but on the whole the PVC-U home improvements sector has come on leaps and bounds. Security and energy efficiency are second to none and the options in aesthetics from style of window, to timber look-a-like, to a vast range of colour options, available readily, have boosted its popularity further still.
A limitation of PVC-U in the past has been where listed properties are concerned. Even in this sector, the industry has come a long way with outstanding innovations that offer solutions that work seamlessly in all styles of property and that are often now approved for use in conservation areas.

A rising star in recent years, aluminium has gathered a lot of momentum in home improvements thanks largely to property programmes like Grand Designs which promote large aluminium bi-folding doors bringing the outside in, and sleek and modern windows to match.
Slightly more expensive than PVC-U, aluminium can now often be found in high end homes and bespoke projects, although the properties that make them desirable for these projects are increasingly making them desirable for home improvements in all kinds of properties.

In many ways the timber window doesn’t compete with PVC-U or aluminium because they are in a different price range. It’s still the material of choice for many heritage property owners, to maintain character and if cost isn’t an issue, it is a beautiful natural product to have in your home. Timber windows also now come with improved security and weather performance and have come a long way in terms of necessary maintenance.
As with all products, there are low quality and high-quality timber windows so it’s important to do your research and choose a supplier you trust. Trent Valley Windows offer timber effect windows that look like wood. Our timber effect windows look like wood, feel like wood and out performs wood.Which is right for you?

There is no right or wrong answer here, but the good news is that you have a lot of choice, which can only be a good thing. Within each material sector, there are endless options to choose from in terms of style and colour and as long as you buy them from a reputable supplier, all will come with similar standards of energy efficiency, security and weather performance.

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