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How To Add Space & Value To Your Property

5 top tips 

Lick of paint
Might sound cosmetic but a coat of new paint (keep the colour neutral) can make a house feel clean, hygienic and cared for. While you are at it, update the front door furniture if it’s looking tired, replace any rotting window timbers or loose tiles and give the front flower beds a weed. First impressions count.

Upgrade your windows & doors

Replacing old, tired windows and doors to energy efficient ones can not only had value to your property but also save you money on your energy bills. We have a massive selection of windows and doors, including double & triple glazing, residence9 windows, upvc and composite doors.

Add a conservatory
The key to a successful conservatory is to ensure that it flows from your existing rooms rather than looking as if it’s just been tacked on to the outside. A good one could add as much as 12% to the value of your home in London, 5% for the rest of the UK and give you a lot more living space. If you already have a conservatory maybe consider upgrading to a solid tiled roof and have a room you can use all year room. Trent Valley Windows can upgrade your glass roof to a solid roof in a matter of days.

Install a new kitchen
The kitchen is what most house-hunters will look at first. Sparkling work surfaces and new appliances can woo a wavering buyer. An average new kitchen costs £8,000 and can add 6% to your property’s value, according to consumer watchdog Which?

The current trend is for open-plan living, so make sure your kitchen has a sense of space.

Add an extra bathroom
Bigger houses need more bathrooms, particularly family homes because nobody likes to queue in the morning! Make sure all your existing bathrooms are spotless, too as it sets the right tone.

Convert the garage into an office
A lot of today’s garages are no longer fit for purpose, having been designed when cars were smaller. They have become dead space and can easily be converted into another room. Before you do anything, though, find out what buyers are looking for in your area: is it houses with lots of bedrooms (families), or properties with an office (young professionals)

Need some inspiration? Request one of our brochures today or visit one of our showrooms Chesterfield, Nottingham or Derby.

grey aluminium windows with double glazing


What are the benefits of energy efficient windows?

• More comfortable home: energy efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows

• Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient windows insulate your home against external noise.

How does energy efficient glazing work?

Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap in between, usually about 16mm, to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. This is sometimes filled with gas. Triple glazed windows have three sheets of glass. Both offer excellent energy efficiency and security but the triple glazed window is slightly more superior.

What are windows made from?

Energy efficient windows come in a range of frame materials and styles. Our windows come in UPVC or Aluminium and in a range of designs from Modern White or Grey Aluminium to Traditional Rosewood or Timber Effect.

Frame materials

All our frames and are windows are available in all energy ratings with A-rated glass options.

• uPVC frames last a long time and may be recycled.

• Wooden frames can have a lower environmental impact, but require maintenance. They are often used in conservation areas where the original windows had timber frames.

• Aluminium or steel frames are slim and long-lasting, and may be recycled.

• Composite frames have an inner timber frame covered with aluminium or plastic. This reduces the need for maintenance and keeps the frame weather-proof.

When you are investing in new windows it’s important to discuss with an expert the best options for your home and decide what are the most effective windows for you within your budget. Our experts will give you the information you need to get the absolute most from your investment.

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conservatory interiors

Conservatory interior ideas

Searching for conservatory ideas? Filled with light a conservatory is the perfect way to add space and value to your home.

It’s a room designed mostly for relaxation, but is often used to entertain family and friends. It is where you can make the most of the early morning sun or draw down the conservatory blinds at night and relax with the family.

No longer the draughty, single-glazed flimsy constructions that were freezing in the winter and too hot in the summer, modern conservatories are superbly insulated, secure and come in a huge range of designs.

Whether you dream of a beautiful loggia conservatory with stunning bifold doors that open up you home into the garden, or a traditional Victorian conservatory enabling you to find your own space, we have ideas to help you design the perfect interior just the way you want it.

While designing and building a conservatory may seem like a daunting task – it doesn’t have to be. At Trent Valley Windows we will make the process easy and stress free, leaving you to create an interior for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are a few interior ideas, to help you get the right décor and furniture to suit your personal style and taste.

golden oak conservatory with upvc windows and doors

You will be able to make a better decision and have a better understanding of styles and interiors after a visit to see your local dealer. Visit one of our showrooms, Derby, Chesterfield or Nottingham


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We are here to help you find out everything you need to know, and we'll give you all the advice you need. Whether you need to know more about our products, or you would like to speak to a customer advisor.

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