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French Doors Nottingham

Chic French Doors for Nottingham Homes

Our French doors provide a chic Nottingham home improvement. You can enjoy an elegant entrance to the outdoors that enhances the charm of your property.

French doors offer easy access to the outside, a stylish feature and superb performance. They are a versatile option for your home improvements, benefiting your property in so many ways.

When you choose Trent Valley Windows as your Nottingham double glazing installer, you will benefit from products that are crafted to the highest standards and are expertly installed by experienced tradesmen.

Our French doors are one of the most beautiful home improvements that you can choose, so read on to find out the qualities they offer for your Nottingham home.

French Doors Nottingham

Versatile Application – French Doors for Any Nottingham Home

French doors are undeniably beautiful, but they are also functional too, and so versatile that they can feature in any Nottingham home.

If you live in a house, no matter what shape or size, our French doors can create an elegant opening to your garden or patio, adding style and enabling easy access.

Perhaps your home is a flat or an apartment. French doors are the perfect option for your balcony. Whether you have a large balcony with outdoor seating, or a Juliette balcony, solely for aesthetic purposes and fresh air, our French doors will create a stunning feature, opening your home to the outside world.

They can even be installed in conservatories and as internal doors to divide your rooms.

French doors are so flexible, you can put them anywhere, and they will flood the area with natural light and enhance its style. Your Nottingham home can truly benefit from these stunning double glazed doors.

French Doors Nottingham

French Doors from Trent Valley Windows – The Thermally Efficient Choice

Keeping your home warm in these days of rising fuel costs is a fundamental function of any double glazing, and the better the thermal efficiency, the better the benefit.

Our French doors are precision engineered to offer superior energy efficiency. They incorporate the latest innovations in double glazing and uPVC to ensure that heat loss is minimised and warmth is kept within your home.

The thermal performance our French doors are capable of is so superb, that you could find you need to use less heating and as such, your energy bills are reduced.

Your Nottingham home will have a lower carbon footprint too, making it more eco-friendly with our French doors.

French Doors Nottingham

Incredibly Secure French Doors in Nottingham

Wherever you live in Nottingham, the security of your home is an essential expectation from your double glazed doors.

Our French doors offer the most incredible home protection. These impressive doors are sturdy and robust, and they are fitted with state of the art highs security locking systems.

In fact, when you choose French doors from Trent Valley Windows, you will benefit from the very highest security performance. Our French doors are Secured by Design accredited, so you can count on doors that will thoroughly protect your Nottingham home and family.

French Doors Nottingham

Styled to Suit You – Tailored French Doors

Every Nottingham home is different, and our French doors can be tailored to complement your property. Create a personalised style by customising your French doors with a beautiful profile colour.

We have 8 options for you to choose from, all of which are high quality and long lasting.

We also offer the cutting edge New Wave Door which makes a great alternative to traditional French doors, enabling you to create an impressive entrance.

Our French doors have a milled threshold which creates a fresh, neat frame jointing solution. This completely enhances the beauty of our French doors, as it eliminates the need for moulded plastic end caps.

Guaranteed Performance from French Doors in Nottingham

We know that our French doors offer outstanding quality and performance, but so that you can be sure of this too, we provide a fantastic guarantee.

Your French doors will be guaranteed from the date of installation for 10 years. You can be certain that your doors will look stunning and operate perfectly for many years to come.

There isn’t even a need for costly and time consuming maintenance, as with our French doors, keeping them looking their best and performing at optimum standards, all you need to do is keep them clean.

It really is as simple as that!

French Doors Nottingham

French Doors Prices in Nottingham

French doors prices from Trent Valley Windows in Nottingham are highly competitive, ensuring that you get the best value for money from your home improvements.

You can quickly access a tailored French doors quote through our online door designer. Simply enter your choices from the options available and our system will create a bespoke guide price.

For more information, contact us, and our friendly team will give you expert guidance and support.

loggia grey conservatories

Front Doors Derby

Welcome Your Guests with Our Front Doors in Derby

Having a welcoming entrance to your Derby home is so easy with our front doors. We offer so many options that will enhance your property and complement its style, you will be spoilt for choice!

Our front doors are super secure, highly efficient and are completely stunning, designed to reflect your personality and blend in with your property’s style.

When you choose Trent Valley Windows for your home improvements, you will benefit from exceptional quality combined with expert installation that meets the highest standards. With our front doors, your home will be safe and secure as well as stunning.

We’ve written this useful guide to front doors in Derby to help you find the perfect match for your home improvements. Read on to find out more.

uPVC doors Derby

Front Doors in Derby – uPVC Doors

One of the most popular options for front doors in Derby are uPVC doors. These beautiful doors are secure, robust and offer the most fantastic energy efficiency for your home.

Our uPVC window and door frames come from market leading manufacturer Liniar, ensuring you get home improvements of the highest quality.

The Liniar door has a multi-chambered profile, which provides superb energy efficiency by trapping air to create a thermal barrier. This ensures that draughts are eliminated and warm air is kept within your home. When it comes to energy efficiency, no other uPVC door offers the same performance as our Liniar front doors.

As for security, with a uPVC front door from Trent Valley Windows, you can be assured of the highest protection possible. Our uPVC doors are fitted with the very latest Yale locking systems, and they are internally reinforced, making them excel when it comes to security.

These amazing front doors are so secure, that they have achieved the much sought after Secured by Design accreditation. This police preferred specification means that they have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand any attack.

When it comes to style, our uPVC front doors are wonderful. You have a range of panel designs to choose from, all of which can be tailored with beautiful colours, stunning decorative glazing and even the perfect hardware and accessories to suit your style. This ensures that the door we install is exactly as you imagined it.

Composite Doors Derby

Composite Doors for Derby Front Doors

We also offer a range of incredible composite doors to our Derby customers. These front doors are amazing, incorporating all the style and beauty of timber with the innovation and performance that you get with uPVC.

Our composite front doors have an authentic timber appearance, which is then coloured with your choice of RENOLIT foils. These superb colour foils are so durable, they even come with a 10 year guarantee, so that you can be confident they will last the test of time.

As with our uPVC doors, composite doors come in a range of modern and traditional panel designs to enhance the aesthetics of your home, and you can choose from a range of decorative glazing, hardware options and accessories to complete the perfect look.

Composite doors have a unique construction which makes them excel in all areas. They have a solid core covered in a hard wearing and robust skin. This makes these front doors fantastically strong, and brilliant for insulation.

With these front doors, your home will be so well protected against intruders. The construction of the composite door makes it almost impossible to break, so intruders are unable to enter. We then install our quality locking mechanisms, and these doors are virtually impenetrable.

The insulating properties of these front doors will enhance your Derby home in many ways. Firstly, composite doors are superb for thermal performance, keeping your property warmer for longer, so you will use less heating and save on your energy costs.

In addition to this, the great insulation also blocks our street noise more efficiently, so you will be able to enjoy a quieter and more relaxing home. Close your front door and you can have peace and rejuvenation without the intrusion of the outside world!

uPVC Doors Derby

Front Door Prices in Derby

If you would like to find out more about our front doors in Derby and how they could benefit your home, please do get in touch. Our friendly team are experts in double glazing and will be able to give you advice and guidance so that you can find the perfect front doors for your home.

We also have an online door designer, enabling you to pick and choose from the options available until you create your dream front door that complements your property and suits your budget. It’s easy to use and your front doors guide prices will be tailored to your specifications.

Builders Sale

Builders Sale

Over 25 windows available for sale from just £25

We’re having a spring clean of our stores, so we’ve lots of window frames for sale.

All goods are new – reason for sale is cancelled jobs, incorrect sizes / colours. All windows are white uPVC and are unglazed.

All goods sold as seen, no guarantees or warranty available. Items sold as supply only we are unable to install any product.

Payment must be made on collection – cash only sales, no personal or business cheques will be accepted.

Items must be taken way the same day, Trent Valley are unable to deliver any items.


For a full list of items available please see attached document, Windows for sale

If you’re interested in any item please contact us on 0115 959 8000 or email


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dwarf wall loggia conservatory

French Doors Derby

Enhance Your Outlook with Stunning French Doors in Derby

French doors are a superb choice for your Derby home improvements, creating an elegant and stylish opening that will enhance your outlook.

With French doors from Trent Valley Windows, you will benefit from the best of everything that double glazing has to offer for your Derby home. Our doors feature the very latest technology to ensure your property is safe, secure and efficient.

French doors make fantastic home improvements for any Derby property, so we wrote this handy guide to help you find out more about this stunning double glazed doors and discover how they could benefit your home.

French Doors Derby

Every Detail Covered with our Stylish French Doors

Our French doors are so superbly stylish, you will love the look they provide for your Derby home. Every design detail is considered when we craft your new French doors.

They have a milled threshold, which gets rid of unsightly plastic caps, making the door look more finished and luxurious.

In addition to this, for a streamlined and slim appearance, you can opt for SFS Intec hinges for a polished style. These stunning hinges even come in eight RAL colour options to complement and blend in with the uPVC door profile.

Our French doors in Derby can be finished to match your existing double glazing, or to simply blend in with the style of your property. They come in a wide range of colours and natural woodgrain foils so that you can benefit from a truly individual home improvement.

Even the hardware and accessories are chosen by you, ensuing that every last detail of your new French doors is exactly the way you want it to be.

French Doors Derby

Safety First with French Doors from Trent Valley

French doors are a superb choice for keeping your family and property safe in Derby. As with any entrance to your home, they need to offer incredible security performance and our uPVC doors are outstanding.

We offer the option of door restrictors for your new French doors, an enhancement that ensures children and pets are kept safe. It also helps to protect your new doors from damage.

Our French doors also feature hidden strengthening technology to ensure that they are robust and rigid, which is superb for keeping your Derby home safe and secure.

We then fit high security locking systems from Yale to maximise their performance.

With French doors from Trent Valley Windows, you can have complete peace of mind that your home and family are thoroughly protected from any potential intruders.

French Doors Derby

French Doors in Derby for Excellent Energy Efficiency

Our French doors will help to keep your home warm, as they are created using the innovative Liniar profile. The Liniar brand is a market leader, and particularly excels when it comes to thermal performance.

These French doors have a multi-chambered profile, which acts as a thermal barrier. This ensures that heat loss is minimised and cold air is kept out from your Derby home.

We use the very best double glazing, which when coupled with the Liniar profile, ensures maximum energy efficiency for your home.

With our French doors, you could even find that your energy bills are reduced, as the clever design means that your home will be warmer for longer. With a warmer home, you will need to use less heating, and as such, your energy costs will be lowered.

Just one of the many fantastic and cost effective benefits of choosing French doors from Trent Valley Windows for your Derby home improvements.

French Doors Derby

Guaranteed Performance from Our French Doors in Derby

Your new French doors are guaranteed to offer superb, long term performance for your Derby home. With minimal effort from you, just a simple clean every now and again, they will stay in perfect condition.

With our French doors, that is all the maintenance you will need to undertake to keep them at optimum performance.

The quality and standards of our French doors is so exceptional, that they come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of installation. You can be completely confident that your new installation will look and perform as new for many years to come.

French Doors Derby

Impressive French Door Prices in Derby – Get in Touch!

French door prices are superb when you come to Trent Valley Windows for your Derby home improvements. You can find out instantly how much your dream double glazed doors will cost with our online designer. Simply pick out the options that you want for your home, and our system will do the rest!

You can also get in touch and our friendly team will answer your questions and provide you with a tailored quote. They are experts in Derby home improvements and are happy to help you with any double glazing queries you have.


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