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uPVC Doors Nottingham

Secure uPVC Doors in Nottingham

You can enhance the performance of your Nottingham home with replacement uPVC doors. They will not only look stunning, but they will also offer a luxurious entrance to your property that is energy efficient and highly secure.

Here at Trent Valley, we are proud to be able to supply and fit a range of quality uPVC doors in and around Nottingham. Our stunning double glazed doors will enhance your property with a wide range of features and benefits.

You can rely on excellent performance and superb aesthetics that will prove to be a cost effective double glazing solution. Read on to find out more about our impressive uPVC doors and find the perfect match for your Nottingham home.

uPVC Doors nottingham

Revolutionary Liniar uPVC Doors

We are proud to offer the innovative range of Liniar uPVC doors to our Nottingham customers. These superb doors are unrivalled in energy efficiency and meet the very highest standards of security.

The incredible Liniar multi-chambered profile is exclusive to these doors and ensures that they provide superior thermal performance. This profile is also strengthened internally, giving these double glazed doors a robust and hard wearing finish.

When you add in the superior Yale locking mechanisms, these residential doors become supremely secure. They offer such an outstanding security performance that they have been Secured by Design accredited, meaning they are police approved.

If all this doesn’t tempt you into choosing a Liniar uPVC door for your front door or back door, then perhaps the aesthetics will! These fantastic doors come in a wide range of profile designs, giving you superb choice, and you can tailor them further with colours and decorative glazing to create your perfect double glazed door.

uPVC Doors Nottingham

Stylish uPVC French Doors

Nothing quite has the stylish flair of uPVC French doors. These double glazed doors provide a beautiful entrance into your outside space that also offers fantastic versatility.

Our uPVC French doors from Liniar are able to open either inwards or outwards, so wherever you choose to have them installed in your Nottingham home, they can be adapted to suit the space available.

Not only are they a stunning entrance into your Nottingham garden, but should you live in a flat or apartment, uPVC French doors make an excellent opening out onto a balcony. You will be able to experience your outside space in a variety of ways with a uPVC French door.

We offer Liniar uPVC French doors to Nottingham customers because they are the market leader when it comes to performance. The innovative multi-chambered profile ensures they offer maximum energy efficiency. They are also fitted with high security Yale locking systems, so you can be confident that your home and family are protected.

French Doors Nottingham

Outstanding Sliding Doors

We offer a range of sliding doors to our Nottingham customers. You have a choice of uPVC patio doors, uPVC bi-fold doors and uPVC swing and slide doors, ensuring that we have a sliding door to suit your needs.

Our complete range offer superb levels of security and impressive energy efficiency, so you can be sure of excellent all round performance.

These double glazed doors are also available in a variety of profile colours, enabling you to find the perfect match for your home.

Whether you choose a traditional uPVC patio door, a modern uPVC bi-folding door or an innovative uPVC swing and slide door, you can count on a robust and durable operation. All our sliding doors are designed to offer easy, long term use, meaning that you will be able to open them with a simple push, year after year.

Why not visit our sliding door pages for more information on these fantastic double glazed doors.

Low Maintenance uPVC Doors

One of the greatest benefits of choosing uPVC doors for your Nottingham home, is that they are a brilliant, low maintenance option.

With our woodgrain foils, these double glazed doors can replicate the appearance of timber without the costly and time consuming upkeep. All you will need to do, is clean them every now and again, and that really is all there is to it.

Our complete range are designed to be hard wearing and long lasting, so with just the bare minimum of maintenance, you will receive many years of high quality operation.

uPVC doors nottingham

uPVC Door Prices Nottingham

If you would like to know more about any of our uPVC doors, you can get in touch with our expert team.

We also offer home visits throughout Nottingham, so you can book in online and get an appointment to suit you. There will be no pressurized selling from our advisors, as we believe that our customers should be given time to make the right replacement double glazing decision for their home.

You can also get a free, online quote. Our easy to use calculator is designed to let you try out countless variations so that you find a uPVC door guide price for your tastes and budget. Try it now!

Double Glazed Windows Nottingham

Double Glazed Windows Nottingham

Quality Double Glazed Windows in Nottingham

You can create a fresh, new look for your Nottingham home with new double glazed windows. Whatever the age of your property, whether it’s period or new build, double glazed windows will enhance its appearance as well as its performance.

Trent Valley supply and fit a wide range of high quality double glazed windows in Nottingham, and we are experienced in installing the best replacement double glazing to your home. Our installations are efficient and meet the highest standards, so that your new windows will provide many years of superb operation.

Our range of windows is extensive too, so you can be sure of having a wealth of choice. You will be able to choose from a variety of styles and designs so that you can find the perfect match for your Nottingham home.

We’ve put together this handy guide to our double glazed windows to give you inspiration for your home improvements. Read on to find out more about the benefits and features of the windows we offer our Nottingham customers.

Double Glazed Windows Nottingham

uPVC Windows Benefits

Our standard range of uPVC windows are manufactured to feature an innovative multi-chambered profile. This clever system ensures that they offer superb energy efficiency, keeping your home warm on even the coldest of days.

These incredible windows also offer superior security for your Nottingham home. They are internally strengthened to ensure they can withstand physical attacks and are fitted with high security locking systems as standard.

One of the greatest benefits of our double glazed windows is their environmentally friendly design. They will not only improve your property’s EPC rating, but they are also completely recyclable and 100% lead free. This cutting edge design makes sure they have minimal environmental impact and that they meet the latest legislations for double glazing.

We offer a range of uPVC window styles, which we have summarised here. If you would like more detailed information on any of these windows, please visit our double glazed windows pages!

uPVC windows Nottingham

Casement Windows

Our uPVC casement windows offer a streamlined appearance for your home. They are the most popular of all styles as they are completely timeless, suiting all types of Nottingham property. They have a slimline profile which can be tailored with a range of

They have a slimline profile which can be tailored with a range of colours that will complement your home. They are a wonderful option for any Nottingham home.

uPVC Windows in Nottingham

Tilt & Turn Windows

Nothing quite matches the superior functionality of our uPVC tilt and turn windows. Designed to be highly practical yet still appealing, they are make a safe and secure double glazing choice.

These windows are ideal for upper floors and high rise properties where access is an issue and safe ventilation is a fundamental feature.

Tilt and Turn Windows Nottingham

Flush Casement Windows

Perfect for period properties, flush casement windows combine traditional style with modern technology. They offer a beautiful finish, that when enhanced with woodgrain foils, gives an authentic appearance for your Nottingham home.

You can create a truly original replica window, with traditional decorative accessories, that will enhance the period features of your property.

Flush Casement Windows Nottingham

Sliding Sash Windows

Designed to replicate the styles of the 19th Century, our sash windows offer a fantastic modern replacement window. They add character to any home, whether it is traditional or modern, enhancing its beauty.

The modern technology means that these windows are robust and durable, offering long term operation.

uPVC Windows Nottingham

Lifestyle Double Glazing

We are also proud to be working with Residence 9 windows, offering these luxury windows to our Nottingham customers.

Residence 9 windows are an authentic timber replacement, designed to replicate the traditional appearance of wood to the highest standard.

They offer all the beauty and style of timber, with none of the upkeep, so that you get the benefits of both uPVC and wood. The high quality finishes of our Residence 9 windows ensures that your home will have an appealing appearance and will be enhanced by superior performance.

residence 9 windows Nottingham

Double Glazed Window Prices Nottingham

If this guide has given you inspiration, you can find out more from our windows pages. You can also contact us and our friendly and well trained team will answer any queries you may have.

Our double glazed windows are a cost effective option for replacement double glazing in Nottingham. With our online quoting engine, you can create a tailored double glazed windows quote in a matter of minutes. Try it now, and you can see just how competitive our double glazed windows prices are.

conservatory nottingham

Conservatory Nottingham

Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Conservatory in Nottingham

When you need additional space in your Nottingham home, yet an extension is not an option, then a conservatory could be the solution. Offering an additional room that can be used all year round, conservatories are a cost effective alternative to brick built extensions.

These glazed extensions provide you with practical and functional living space that will enhance your lifestyle. Whether you need a living area, dining room, office, playroom, or kitchen extension, a uPVC conservatory makes a great solution.

Trent Valley design, supply and fit conservatories in homes throughout Nottingham. These popular home improvements add value to your property and are less disruptive than brick built extension installations.

Read on to find out more about the benefits and features that come with a conservatory from Trent Valley.

conservatory Nottingham

A Seamless, Stress-Free Conservatory Installation

Here at Trent Valley, we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and going the extra mile for every one of our clients. That’s why, when you choose a conservatory installation from us, you will have a seamless and stress-free experience.

From day one, we will work with you to create the perfect conservatory for your Nottingham home. We will design the conservatory to meet your specifications and requirements, then we will handle every detail, right down to the finishing touches such as blinds, flooring and lighting.

Our experts will be on hand throughout the process, keeping you up to date at every stage. Communication is a key component of our service, so you can be confident that you will be kept well informed.

conservatory nottingham

High Quality Double Glazing in Nottingham

Your conservatory will meet the most impressive quality standards. Our suppliers include both Liniar and Ultraframe, two of the leading double glazing manufacturers in the UK.

They both provide high quality products that achieve the most impressive levels of energy efficiency and security. Our installation techniques will ensure that this quality is matched in the fitting, so that your new conservatory is draught free and weather proofed.

You will receive many, many years of pleasure from your new Nottingham conservatory as our installations are hard wearing and long lasting.

Conservatory Styles

All this quality is only enhanced by the range of styles that we offer to our Nottingham customers. You can choose the perfect match for your tastes and property style.

Whether your home is traditional or modern, urban or rural, we are sure to have a conservatory design to suit you. Every one of our conservatories is adapted to be a perfect fit for your home, so you can be sure that your conservatory will enhance your property.

Take a look at the style summaries below to get an overview of your options. You can always contact us or book an appointment if you would like more information.

conservatory nottingham

Lean-To Conservatory

The lean-to conservatory is one of the most versatile styles available. It can fit into almost any space, creating a practical and valued room.

It is also ideal for properties where the eaves or upper windows are low, or where the space is narrow. For this reason, these uPVC conservatories are popular with customers who have cottages, bungalows and terraced homes.

lean-to conservatory nottingham

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory is perfect for your Nottingham home when you want to maximise the potential of your available space. These conservatories come in a square or rectangular shape, creating a functional floor area.

They have a simple, streamlined design that offers a clean, crisp extension for your home.

edwardian conservatory nottingham


Gable End Conservatory

Create a simply stunning feature for your home with a gable end conservatory.

Designed to offer a truly grand extension, the gable end conservatory creates an exceptionally bright and airy room with high, glass ceilings that are finished with a stunning glazed gable end, similar in shape to the end of a house.

gable end conservatory nottingham


P-Shaped Conservatory

When space is almost unlimited and you want a multi-functional living space, then the P-shaped conservatory is the perfect choice.

A combination of different conservatory styles, these incredible bespoke extensions are designed to provide a superb room that offers a variety of uses. Create your own personalised space to meet your every need with a P-shaped conservatory in Nottingham.

P-Shaped conservatory Nottingham

Conservatory Prices Nottingham

You can use our fantastic online conservatory designer to get your own, tailored conservatory guide price. It’s simple to use and gives almost instant conservatory quotes for our Nottingham customers.

If you want further information on any of our conservatories, please don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment. We have an expert team ready and waiting to assist you, and there will be no hard sell, as we believe that our customers should have all the time they need to decide on their Nottingham home improvements.


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