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April 2016

Double Glazing Derby

Quality Double Glazing in Derby

Are you looking for quality double glazing in Derby? Look no further than Trent Valley Windows, the experts when it comes to uPVC windows and doors in Derby.

Our quality double glazing products are specifically designed to keep your Derby property safe and sound, with high security locking systems and robust uPVC frames from Liniar. You can rest assured that your property will be safe from potential forced-entry or intruders.

For high quality windows and doors that will beautifully update your Derby home, choose Trent Valley Windows.

Double Glazed Windows

Are your uPVC windows in need of an update? Our double glazed windows are the very best money can buy, a superior alternative to outdated wooden windows.

Our uPVC windows offer the very best in security and thermal efficiency, keeping your Derby home safe and secure.

Whether you’re looking for Casement Windows, Bay and Bow Windows, Sliding Sash Windows or Tilt and Turn Windows, we have a beautiful range that will perfectly complement your Derby property.

Casement Windows

An ever popular choice for Derby homes, our uPVC Casement Windows are the ultimate window for your property. They offer complete versatility, and are designed with slim sightlines to allow for panoramic views of your garden and outside areas.

Using a multi-chambered uPVC profile from Liniar, our Casement Windows are designed to trap warm air inside the chambers, keeping your Derby home warmer for longer.

Available in both sculptured or chamfered profiles, our uPVC Casement Windows can be designed to enhance the unique personality of your Derby property.

double glazed windows derby

Bay and Bow Windows

Add character to your Derby home with our stunning uPVC Bay and Bow Windows. Featuring clever joint couplings, our Bay and Bow Windows are designed to prevent dust traps forming to make maintenance minimal.

Available in a range of styles including 3 facet, 5 facet or box bay, you can tailor your new uPVC windows to perfectly suit your Derby property. This will allow you to retain the period charm of your home, or incorporate contemporary flair to update your double glazing.

With slim-sightlines factored into the design, our Bay and Bow Windows offer increased light into your property, creating the illusion of space and creating excellent views across your Derby property.

double glazing in derby

Sliding Sash Windows

We offer a beautiful range of sliding sash windows, perfect for in-keeping with an authentic aesthetic. Featuring exceptional security locking systems and elegant decoration, our sliding sash windows make a beautiful addition to all kinds of Derby homes.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, our Sliding Sash Windows can be customized to complement the existing furnishings and fittings of your property. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary design, our sliding sash windows can be designed in any way you choose.

Efficient and easy to use, our sliding sash windows are an exceptional choice for your Derby home.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Our uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows offer exceptional ventilation properties, without sacrificing the safety and security of your Derby home.

Featuring highly secure Yale locking systems, you can rest assured that our Tilt and Turn Windows are incredibly secure, keeping intruders at bay and your loved ones safe.

Perfect if you live in a high-rise apartment, our Tilt and Turn Windows can be cleaned from both the inside and out, thanks to the handy tilt function of the window.

tilt and turn windows derby

Double Glazed Doors

Are you looking for a new front door for your Derby home? Or perhaps you wish to connect your home and garden with a stunning set of patio doors?

Whichever kind of uPVC door you’re seeking, we can find the perfect choice for you.

With beautiful entrance doors, back doors, stable doors, French doors and patio doors within your reach, it’s easy to create the perfect door addition for your Derby property.

uPVC Entrance Doors

Welcome your family and friends to your Derby home with a stunning new front door. Incredibly durable and secure, our external doors are accredited by Secured by Design, giving you peace of mind that your Derby home will be kept secure all year round.

Available with a range of threshold options, our double glazed doors can feature optional wheelchair ramps, making our doors accessible for the whole family.

Our entrance doors can be outfitted in a range of colours and finishes, giving you the opportunity to transform the exterior of your Derby home, or keep it charmingly classic.

double glazed doors derby

Back Doors

Back doors can be easily forgotten, but they are just as important as your front door.

Providing security, functionality and exceptional weather-proofing benefits, our uPVC back doors are specifically designed to keep your home safe. Intruders often target back doors as an easy target, which is why it’s important to make your back door as secure as possible.

As a member of the Double Glazing Network, you can trust us to deliver quality uPVC doors that are made to last.

french doors derby

Stable Doors

For a traditional appearance, our uPVC Stable Doors are the perfect choice.

Perfect for use as a back door, our Stable Doors offer exceptional ventilation for your Derby home. Featuring two sashes that can open both independently and together, our Stable Doors are a versatile option that will keep your property airy and bright.

Featuring an energy efficient Liniar profile, our uPVC Stable Doors will keep the heat in your Derby property for longer than outdated wooden doors.

double glazing doors derby

French Doors

Perfect for both internal and external doors, our uPVC French Doors are an incredibly versatile choice for your Derby home. They can be used to connect your home and garden, or can link two internal rooms to beautifully open up your property.

Available in a wide range of RENOLIT foils, your French Doors can be customized to your exact specifications. You can choose from either a sculptured or chamfered uPVC profile for your new uPVC doors, giving you complete control over their aesthetic and style.

Our fully accredited French Doors have been tested against a range of strict regulations and attack methods, giving you peace of mind that your new uPVC doors will keep your property safe and sound.

french doors derby

Patio Doors

Our uPVC Patio Doors are the perfect choice if you’re looking for sliding doors that won’t encroach on precious space.

Sliding functionality saves considerable space, as the doors don’t require space to open out. This will allow you to really make the most of your property, giving you more space for furniture and natural light to flood in.

With an intelligent ‘air-glide’ running system, our uPVC Patio Doors never squeak or bump, offering a sophisticated design to your Derby home. The uPVC profile used is very energy-efficient, so you can expect high thermal performance from your uPVC Patio Doors.

Double Glazing Prices in Derby

Our double glazing is incredibly competitively priced, and you can get double glazing prices via our easy to use quoting engine.

Start your online quote today for window and door prices in Derby, or give us a call on 01332 347167 for more information. Our helpful team will be happy to help.

vertical sliding sash windows

Residence 9 – The Way Windows Are Meant to Be

Never considered uPVC windows? Think again.

Trent Valley is now selling the Residence9 (R9) window system which looks so much like a traditional timber window it’s suitable for use in conservation areas.

The R9 has all the beauty of a traditional timber window but all the advantages of uPVC, i.e. they’re virtually maintenance free.

Flush sash, 19th Century, period, timber window designs, with modern features and benefits

Download a brochure now from our website or visit our showroom where we have a silver oak R9 window on display. Once you see it you’ll realise its possible to fall in love with a window.

Never considered uPVC windows? Think again.

The new Residence 9 looks so much like a traditional timber window it’s suitable for use in conservation areas.

The Residence 9 has all the beauty of a traditional timber window but all the advantages of uPVC, i.e. they’re virtually maintenance free.

The stunning new Residence 9 window is now on display in our brand new showroom. Residence 9 is a new window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window, with all the energy efficiency benefits of modern windows. It is ideal for use in conservation areas due to its authentic appearance. This traditional design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand.

Technology may have accelerated rapidly but there is nothing like adding a human element.  Residence 9 combines contemporary machining processes with carefully hand finished joints to craft a beautiful window every time.

Residence 9 offer a number of authentic oak finishes and traditional paint colours from ‘Grained White’ to ‘Silvered Oak’. Every Residence 9 window is made bespoke to your requirements. You can customise everything including the style, colour and hardware. Every window is different, tailored to suit your home.

Download a brochure now or visit our showroom where we have a silvered oak Residence 9 window on display. Once you see it you’ll realise it’s possible to fall in love with a window.



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