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November 2015

What does your front door colour say about you?

First impressions are important, before deciding on your new front door, consider what the choice of colour may say about you.

White – A classic colour suggesting a serene and virtuous person lives within.

Black – This is the colour of the hidden, behind lies a private soul who creates an air of mystery keeping secrets hidden.

Blue – A calm colour suggesting happy & prosperous residents. Homeowners with a blue front door will be trustworthy and loyal but perhaps a little conservative.

Red – This is an energetic & fiery colour, the person who lives here is full of passion & ambition, but may have a fiery temper to match. Beware cold calling on this house.

Orange – An unusual choice of colour but this person will be great fun to have around and lives life with their glass half full, however beware orange can also suggest a superficial character.

Yellow – The colour suggest a sunny disposition and expect this homeowner to be cheerful and optimistic, they can however be a little impatience at times.

Green – Another calm colour and a popular choice. Residents here will be well balanced and happy. They may be a little possessive and will give loved ones close.

Purple – A bold but imaginative choice for a front door. The person who lives here is flamboyant and creative, the bold colour choices will run throughout the home. Some may be a little immature.

Pink – The homeowner who chooses a pink front door is affectionate, nurturing & caring and offers unconditional love, there can however be a tendency for silliness.

Wood – A very popular choice with customers here at Trent Valley. This choice suggests serious but kind people live here who like home comforts, their home offers protection & residents tend to be wealthy and like the finer things in life.

Grey – A very fashionable choice at the moment, it suggests an indecisive person (neither black nor white) Never very emotional this person is a very good mediator.

If you’ve been inspired by our light hearted look at door colours pop in and see us in our showroom and check out the wide range of doors on display.

Our door range offers a wide range of styles & colours to suit every home and personality. Pop into our showroom and check out the wide range of doors on display.



Reduce your energy bills this winter

Can I save money on my heating bills by replacing my windows?

The simple answer is yes, but it does depend on several factors

How old are your existing windows?

Are your existing windows already double glazed?

Are your existing windows A rated?

If you have single glazed windows, replacement double glazing will significantly improve the heat loss from your windows.

All windows sold and fitted after 2002 will have been fitted with K glass. Any windows fitted prior to this will are likely to have been fitted with less energy efficient glass so replacement windows could improve heat loss form your home.

Even in the last 4 years window technology has improved significantly and replacement windows will be more energy efficient than your old ones.

What should I be looking for in an energy efficient window?

Since 2010 windows have been energy rated as a whole product including the frame as well as the glass, whereas a U value only refers to the glazing itself. So when looking at new windows it is important to look at the overall energy rating rather than the U value. A is the most energy efficient and G is the lowest.

Trent Valley will quote A rated windows as standard, furthermore all windows are fitted with the Pilkington energiKare™ glazing system. Pilkington energiKare™ contains 2 special types of glass: Optiwhite™ which increases the degree of solar heat gain and Pilkington KS Glass™ which stops the heat from escaping. With the use of a warm edge spacer bar and cavities filled with argon gas, further reducing the amount of heat escaping from the windows.

What other things can I do to improve the efficiency of my windows?

Loft insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep heat from escaping in your home. The thickness of the insulation is important, 270mm is the recommended depth. To give an idea of cost savings, topping up from 100mm to 270mm can save around £25 a year on heating bills.

A third of the heat in an un-insulated home is lost through the walls. There are two wall types – solid walls and cavity walls. Both can be insulated to improve the energy efficiency of a property. If the home was built after 1920 there is a good chance it has cavity walls. Insulate your cavity walls and you could save up to £140 each year.

Heavy lined curtains on doors and windows can help keep the heat in and remember not to cover any radiators to allow the heat to filter into the room not behind the curtain.

The latest boilers are a lot more energy efficient than older models. Check the age of your boiler and if it is Energy Saving Trust recommended. Boilers have energy ratings, A is the most energy efficient and G is the lowest. Replacing a G rated boiler could save around £310 a year on running costs.

Check around windows and doors for gaps. It’s quite easy to draught proof homes and there are lots of DIY options available. Invest in a letterbox brush to stop drafts. Draught proofing can save up to £55 a year on heating costs

There’s lots more useful information on energy efficiency on the energy saving trust website




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