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July 2015

A Guide to Choosing Replacement Windows

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about replacement windows, and as new windows are a major financial investment for most of us it’s important to think carefully about what you want before committing to a purchase. Here Alan, our expert at Trent Valley, outlines the things you may need to contemplate and also talks you through the various options and cost implications.

Considering the options:

Double glazing is available with different frames

Aluminium gives you slimmer lines, with less bulky frames than uPVC so there’s more glazing. You also get a wider choice of colours than uPVC but it is significantly more expensive.

Timber is the traditional look that many people like and if made with a good quality hardwood and maintained well it can be long lasting, this will however be relatively costly. It will be less energy efficient than uPVC and of course needs repainting regularly to maintain its good looks.

uPVC frames are the most cost effective, energy efficient and maintenance free option. Wood grain finishes can give you the look of timber without any maintenance.

 Things to think about:

How do you want your windows to look? Stand outside your home or better still take a picture.

Which room is the window in? You’ll want more ventilation in a kitchen or bathroom. Think about how accessible the window is, can you open/close/clean the window easily.

Style of window – how would you like your window(s) designing. Think about the number of splits (i.e. panes of glass) and how many openers (i.e. panes that open). Remember every opener you have will add to the cost, same with panes. The simpler the design the more cost effective the window. Building regulations dictate a minimum area of ventilation required dependent on the room, your sales advisor can help you with this.

A standard flat window is called a casement window and all the windows will open out. If you want windows to open inwards you can have a tilt & turn or a fully reversible window, both do exactly what their name suggests.

For a more traditional look on older properties Trent Valley offer a uPVC sash window, these can replace an existing timber sash or upgrade a flat window (maximum width of about 1150mm). The replacement sash can either be a mock sash which looks like a sash but opens outwards like a traditional window, or a vertical sliding sash which operates exactly like a traditional timber sash. The vertical slider will cost about 40% more than the mock sash.

Bays and Bows – can enhance the look of your property from the outside and offer a beautiful vista from indoors. The best way to remember the difference between the two – like a seaside bay you can walk into it and enjoy the view, a bow is an arched window onto a flat wall that you can’t walk into but offers a wide sill for flowers or ornaments. If you’ve got a flat window at the moment you’re best to go for a bow as it’s more cost effective and won’t require additional building regulations.

Finishes – options include of wide variety of colours and wood grain finishes. All colours are called a foil which gives a textured flat colour finish, wood grain gives a textured finish with the irregular colour of wood including knots. A white foil window will be difficult to distinguish from a painted timber window. A wood grain or colour foil finish will cost about 25% more than a standard white frame.

Extras – We can add Georgian bars, leading or decorative glass to enhance the look of the window.

  • Georgian bars can be insert bars (i.e. inside the window panes) or Astregal surface mounted outer bars (i.e. like a timber Georgian window).
  • All windows can be enhanced with leading of various designs, most popular are Georgian leading (rectangles), Elizabethan leading (diamonds) and Cleveland leaded border (double border with rounded corners)
  • Small panes (Top lights) and openers (vents) can be glazed with decorative and/or textured glass, there is a huge choice of colours and designs, ask your sales advisors for more details.

Here at Trent Valley our sales team can take you through the whole process and can advise you on what’s best for your home. Contact us now for more details or a free no obligation quote.


Make your conservatory a useable space all year round

Enjoying this glorious hot weather? Not enjoying your conservatory because it’s just too hot?

We can help.

By replacing your old poly-carbonated conservatory roof with a state of art Pilkington sunshade double glazing you can enjoy your conservatory on even the sunniest of days.

Design & technology improvements over recent years has developed outstanding reflective glass. There is a brand new self cleaning glass available from Pilkington for your roof called Activ Sunshade™ which reflects 80% of the suns’ heat, keeping your room cool on hot sunny days.

The double glazed unit outer pane reflects the solar heat and the inner KS pane insulates the room to stop heat escaping. This means that in the colder months you will still be able to use your conservatory without spending a fortune to heat it.

What’s more with a glass roof when there’s a rain shower your conservatory will be quieter too.

Give your conservatory a new lease of life this summer and create a relaxing space whatever the weather. Let us enhance your home with a replacement conservatory roof – all fitted in a single day.

For more advice or a FREE no obligation quote contact our sales team

We are now an Ultrainstaller

Trent Valley Windows are proud to announce that we are now an official Ultra Installer of quality Ultraframe conservatories.

Ultraframe is acknowledged as the world leader in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems.

Using their extensive expertise Ultraframe support and advise the conservatory industry, whilst also providing information and advice to homeowners who wish to add an Ultraframe Conservatory, Loggia, LivinROOF, realROOF or Orangery to their home, using one of the approved Ultra Installers.

An elite group of quality contractors, the Ultra Installers are well known at Ultraframe and have been independently assessed and approved by the British Board of Agréement (BBA), the UK’s major approval body for new constructors, products and installers.

By choosing an Ultra Installer to fit your conservatory, you are ensuring your conservatory will not only be built on time and to budget, but will give you many years of pleasure to enjoy with your family.

For a professional installation and peace of mind choose an Ultra Installer

All Conservatory Installers are vetted & checked by Ultraframe for

  • Bespoke conservatory design
  • Free Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • No Obligation

As an Ultra Installer Trent Valley can advise and help you individually design and build your dream conservatory



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